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Software Update: 16th October 2023

On Monday, we're updating OneFile RPL to introduce some new enhancements.



  • The layout of the calculator set up page has been updated to make it easier to read. A new field has been added "Duration on Weeks" this is calculated automatically based on the duration in months.

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  • The application page has been updated to include: Removal of the old cost section and the addition of the new "Additional Costs", these costs are not used in the calculator.

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  • A search option is available within Manage Standards. A user can search for a particular standard using the Standard Full or Partial name and the ID.

  • The old cost fields have been removed and a new section added to the calculator called "Additional Costs". This section allows users to define their own costs. These can be a fixed amount, price or a percentage value. These values are NOT used in the calculations and are for internal reference use only. Any values in the old fields have been migrated to this new section
  • The name of the user that sent the application is now displayed on the applicant information page.
  • There was an issue when trying to submit a skills scan that the button was still active after you had clicked it. This led to applicants clicking the button more than once. This has now been changed to a new modal that shows that the submission is in progress.
  • It is now possible to attach any documents to a skills scan that has been sent back to the applicant for changes. Any previously attached documents are visible to the applicant and can be deleted or new documents added
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