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Software update - Thursday 20th April 2023

On Thursday, we're updating OneFile Enrol, Eportfolio and RPL to release new features & enhancements

New Features and Enhancements


•  A new field has been added to the learners record within Enrol called "Centre" This field is a drop down list to the available centres from Eportfolio. If there is only one centre then this field will be auto populated. This new field is used in the integration when transferring the learner to Eportfolio.


• OneFile customers will now be able to see their integrations in one central place titled 'Integration Hub'

 •  Phase 1 of Event Subscriptions which includes creating and updating a learner record. More information in regards to enabling this feature can be found here 



•  When creating an Applicant a new field has been added called " Centre" This will be a drop down list showing available centres. If there is only 1 centre available then this field will be auto populated. This field is required for the integration with Eportfolio

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