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Software Update: Wednesday 8th February 2023

On Wednesday, we're updating OneFile Eportfolio, API and RPL to release new features, enhancements and fixes:

New features and enhancements


  • Primary Email Verified column has been added to the Database Report - Learner View. This column will display Yes is the learner has verified their primary email address. No will be displayed if the email address has not been verified. 

Eportfolio API

  • The updateoffthejob API Endpoint has been updated to accept Duration. This change will allow you to set the Duration value for learners with a start date before 1st August 2022. Click here to view available API calls.
  • The integration between Enrol and ePortfolio has been updated to include the following fields Sex, Ethnicity, LLDD, NI number, Date of Birth, ULN, Email Address, Contact Telephone and Address when transferring a learner from Enrol to ePortfolio.


  •  It is now possible to see which applicants are associated with a particular version of a calculator. Within the calculator set up there is now an option "View Applicants". More information can be found here.
  • The Application Date Created has been added to the Manage Applicants grid

  • Filters have been added to the "Manage Applicants" page. It is now possible to filter on Applicant Name, Tutor, Employer, Standard and Status 
  • The data within RPL relating to duration and funding has been refreshed with the latest information from the apprenticeship web site. 
  • It is now possible to weight the KSB's at either the Topic level or the Criteria level. More information can be found here.



  • We've resolved an issue where progress of a learner wasn't recalculated when an assessment template was assigned through the API.
  • If a learner is removed from their default employer, the employer is reassigned upon accessing Access Accounts page

Eportfolio - Learning Journal

  • We've fixed an issue where a small number of users where getting an error when accessing the Learning Journal. This was caused by Timesheet Categories being updated and no longer marked as a Learning Activity. 
  • Any performance related issues, such as pages loading slower than usual on the Learning Journal were resolved on 28/01/2023


  •   When an applicant now logs into RPL to carry out a Skills Assessment it will show "Applicant" on the keychain
  •  There was an issue if you changed the email address from capitals to lower case. This has now been resolved 

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