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Software Update: Thursday 30th June 2022 7am - 7:30am

On Thursday morning, we're updating OneFile to release some new features, improvements and fixes:



  •  It is now possible to set which learning aims assigned to a centre are main learning aims. A checkbox has been added to the list of aims on the Learning Aims page. Ticking the box will set the learning aim as a main learning aim. When a main learning aim is allocated to a learner it will become the learner's main aim. A learner's main aim is the aim that will be displayed against the learner throughout Eportfolio. If more than one main learning aim is allocated to a learner then a dropdown will appear. You can then select which of the aims is the main aim
  • New API endpoints have been created that will provide the ability to search for an Assessment Template, assign a template to a learner and set a grade against the new assessment. Please refer to the API documentation for further details https://wsapi.onefile.co.uk/swagger/ui/index 


  •  This new feature allows the user to edit all contact information: First Name, Last Name, Email and Telephone 
  •  This new feature allows the user to change their address details
  •  This feature allows programme templates to be applied to all learners that have the gathering data record status, including those learners imported from enrol


Learning Hub - Courses

  • The Incorrect answers are not shown when completing a quiz, if the options are configured to be random 
  • Learner Course progress is calculated incorrectly when set to be completed in any order

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