Software Update: Thursday 25th July 2024

On Thursday, we're updating OneFile Enrol to introduce a fix. 

There will be no product downtime. 

Release notes can be found here.

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Software Update: Wednesday 23rd March 2022 - 07:00-07:30am

On Wednesday morning, we're updating OneFile to release some new features, improvements and fixes:



  • Enrol users will be able to download any completed forms to PDFs. A button will be present on the review form and upon pressing it a download will occur; once finished a new tab will open with the completed form in a pdf format.
    Please note that only forms that have been completed by all users will be able to be downloaded as a PDF.


  • We have made a small user experience update that will help ILR users manage errors and warnings in the data validation report (FIS).
    A user can now mark errors or warnings as done in the right hand menu. This will make it easier for a user to see which errors have been actioned.
    The actioned errors or warnings will automatically move to the bottom of the list after marking as done (and will be labelled accordingly).



  •  The status of a form in an Employers task was showing as Complete when it hasn't been submitted by the Employer. This has now been fixed
  • The validation on a date when a user enters a date using a decimal point in between numbers was not working. This has now been fixed 
  • When completing a form, the date input field validation has been fixed 
  • When completing a form, the date of birth validation has now been fixed  
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