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Software Update: Wednesday 24th November 2021- 07:00-07:30am

On Wednesday morning, we're updating OneFile to release some new features, improvements and fixes:   



  • Calendar sync will show events up to one year before and will show all future events  


  • The following fields are now mandatory: 

  • First Address line 
  • One Total Price negotiation (TNP) 
  • One Employment record 
  • For Programme AIM the contract type must be returned 
  • Planned hours 
  • Prior Attainment 
  • Source of funding for all AIMs must be returned 
  • Training providers can edit Funding and Monitoring fields within the learner tab


  • Email set up and verification links expiry period have been extended to one week  

  • Users can search for applicants on the Manage Applications page 



  • Calendar sync works as intended with supported calendars  


  • When building forms line breaks on description and paragraph fields persist when data is entered  

  • When building forms the button to move fields work as intended when a header and footer has been applied  

These changes aren't guaranteed to be included in this update.  Any changes to the above planned updates will be communicated in this thread!


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