Software Update: Thursday 25th July 2024

On Thursday, we're updating OneFile Enrol to introduce a fix. 

There will be no product downtime. 

Release notes can be found here.

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Software Update: Wednesday 13th October 2021- 07:00-07:30am

On Wednesday morning, we're updating OneFile to release some new features, improvements and fixes:   



  • Renamed Standard AIM to Programme AIM across Create Learner popup 

  • Renamed Standard AIM to Programme AIM across Learning Delivery page 

  • Replaced the percentage of the completion record and Mark Ready button with Complete Learner.  Note: The Mark Ready button will appear when all mandatory fields have been completed  

  • The back button has been renamed from Back to learning aims to Back to Learning delivery 



  • Users will no longer receive an error message after logging out  

These changes aren't guaranteed to be included in this update.  Any changes to the above planned updates will be communicated in this thread!

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