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Software Update: Thursday 5th August 2021 7:00-7:30am

On Thursday morning, we're updating OneFile to release some new features, improvements and fixes:   



  • The following fields have now been added to the learner database reports: 

  • Total Contracted Hours 
  • Target Off-The-Job Hours 
  • Target Off-The-Job (%) 
  • Actual Off-The-Job Hours 
  • Off-The-Job 
  • Next Visit date  
  • Next Visit Start Date
  • Next Visit End Date
  • Next Visit Start Time
  • Next Visit End Time
  • Next Visit Type
  • Next Visit Location

NB: Terminology may be different dependent on your Centre settings. 

These changes aren't guaranteed to be included in this update.  Any changes to the above planned updates will be communicated in this thread!

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  • Update: Included the extra fields that will also be added!

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