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Software Update: Thursday 29th July 2021 7:00-7:30am

On Thursday morning, we're updating OneFile to release some new features, improvements and fixes:   



  • Training Provider and Employer user accounts are presented with an End User License Agreement when they log in for the first time 

  • Training Providers can view forms with a completed status 


  • Moved the field 'How much do you charge for Tutors to travel outside their region?' field from the funding calculator setup page to the applicant's skills assessment review page 

  • The UI for setting up funding calculators has been improved  

  • Client Owners and Tutors can now archive applicants 



  • Fixed an issue where training providers can create duplicate employer records when clicking the 'Create record' button multiple times  

  • Users can now tab and interact with the 'Uploadbutton when completing a form 

  • Fixed an issue where the status of a learner-only form was not updating on the Employer ‘Tasks’ page 

Learning Hub – Courses 

  • Learners will no longer encounter any errors when progressing through an 'In Any Order' course with criteria mapped to the pages 

These changes aren't guaranteed to be included in this update.  Any changes to the above planned updates will be communicated in this thread!


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