Software Update: Wednesday 26th January 2022 - 07:00-07:30

On Wednesday morning, we're updating OneFile to release some new changes and improvements.

To find out more, our release notes are available 

Please ensure you have saved any work and have logged out prior to 7:00am to avoid any potential loss of data.

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Software Update: Thursday 3rd December 2020 - 07:00-07:30

On Thursday morning, we're updating OneFile to release some new features, improvements and fixes:   



  • Centre Monitors can be assigned to individual learners 

  • When an assessment with annotations is resubmitted back to the learner, the annotation option will show the Editor and History views together 

  • Assessors can filter tasks by Learners 

  • Task and message pop ups show your 10 most recent tasks and messages 

  • Placement Documents and Required Placement Documents reports exclude archived placements 

  • API end points for off-the-job and register sessions 

  • Lots of WCAG improvements 



  • Progress dipped when Progress Weightings enabled 

  • Internal server error running on per-seat report 

  • Clicking Edit on Expired placement document causes error 

  • Cannot add IP address containing single digit 

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