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Software Update: Thursday 2nd April 2020 - 07:00-07:30 (GMT+1)

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Hints and tips 

We’ve added a help icon to the textbox in the learning journal. When clicked, it’ll provide prompts to the learner to help them cover the right things in their learning reflections.  

Adding reflections to existing entries 

If learners create a journal entry at the same time as another entry, a pop-up message is now displayed. This message prompts learners to add their reflection to an existing entry, or create a new one. It reduces duplication and allows learners to build on their learning reflections easily. 

New & improved 


  • Skills Forward improvements (now works for customers with multiple centres)

  • Exporting reports now includes all results, not just the results from the paged viewed

  • Centre monitors can now view the learner template report 

  • Journal time picker has been updated

  • Improved Centre Monitor centre search page

  • Lots of Web Content Accessibility improvements 

Learning Journal 

  • Learners can now create an activity before adding reflection 

  • Learners now receive a message to let them know if an activity already exists

  • New information box to assist learners creating a reflection entry



  • Learners marked for deletion will now be deleted 

  • Learners can now attach evidence to per criteria assessment after the assessment type is changed to holistic on the assessment plan template 

  • Invited external assessors can access all the assessments they have been invited to

  • Archived assessors no longer show on the invite assessor report 

  • Forums are now visible to all users with permission on the navigation bar 

  • Files uploaded to notes no longer appear within the assessment evidence icon and are not visible to the learner 

  • Learner time on assessments is now limited to 60,000 minutes

  • Clicking on a future planned register session within the assessor calendar takes you to the session 

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