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Portfolio Showcase

  User Roles

This feature can be used by the following user roles:

  • Centre Manager
  • Centre Monitor
  • Assessor
  • Learner
  • Internal Quality Assurer
  • Lead Internal Quality Assurer
  • Employer
  • Observers

  Centre Setting

Enable the portfolio showcase feature

To request a Portfolio Showcase, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the learner’s portfolio
  2. In the Information and Options section, click Manage
  3. Click Portfolio Showcase
  4. Tick the Assessments you want to use
  5. Click Request New Download 

When the showcase has been created, you will receive a message notifying you that it is ready to be downloaded. To download the showcase, click on the Download ZIP File button.

Once downloaded, locate the ZIP file and extract it before viewing the contents. Do not attempt to open any of the files directly from the ZIP file. Please consult your operating system (e.g. Windows) documentation or third-party software instructions for extracting ZIP files.


To view the download portfolio showcase: 

  1. Locate the Zip file 
  2. Extract the Zip file (usual right click and Extract All)
  3.  Open the folder titled Portfolio, unless renamed 
  4. Open the file titled Index.htm

Following the steps above will load the portfolio showcase in a browser window, which will allow you to navigate through the portfolio showcase like you would online.

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