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Unable to log into EPortfolio Practice

We're currently aware of an issue affecting some users being able to log into Eportfolio Practice.

The current work around is to use https://logindemo.onefile.co.uk/login  and enter your login details as normal, you'll see your practice accounts there.

Our team are working on resolving the issue and we'll be in touch as soon as this has been resolved.

Reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

2 people have this problem
  • Unable to log in too

  • I can’t log in either
  • After I login through the logindemo as suggested, I was able to login. However, I used the same exact username and password while attempting to access "My account" page. 

    I am getting the following error:

    Failed to add the account

    Please ensure you are entering the correct username and password.
    You will also not be able to add accounts that have already been added to a keychain, or accounts that belong to an External Verifier. If the account has been locked, or restricted to an authorised location, you will need to contact your training provider for further assistance.

  • I'm un able to log into my eportfolio too.
  • I'm pleased to confirm this has now been resolved

  • I can't log in still

  • I'm now logged in 

  • can't log in still

  • i still cant get access to my folio - doesnt let me attach my account 

  • I have not been allocated an Eportfolio account despite requesting keychain for weeks.

  • I am able to log in but i cant do anything further as it is just a blank screen. 

  • I am unable to log in either. It is just a blank page for me and I am unable to see my tasks or my timesheet and the only time I would be able to call is during lunch time so was hoping to get a response on messages/email/or something else. Please help?

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  • Please reach out to us on [email protected]

  • I cannot access my accounts or see any messages, after logging, its only a blank page that comes up titled 'my accounts' and the system declines to add any accounts

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