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Software Update: Thursday 11th April 2024

On Thursday, we're updating OneFile RPL, Enrol and Eportfolio to introduce some new features and fixes.  

Please ensure you're logged out of Eportfolio and all data is saved between 7am and 7:30am.



  • There was a bug when clicking "resend" against an applicant it was sending the wrong email. This has now been resolved and the correct email is now sent
  • The calculator was rounding incorrectly and therefore reducing the TNP incorrectly in some instances. This has now been resolved. 
  • There was an issue when syncing standards from EP to RPL. It was showing all standards. This has now been resolved.


  • Each learning journal entry now features an expandable panel that houses any files attached to the entry. At the top of this panel, you’ll find the count of files associated with the entry. This should resolve errors when access and using the Journal.

New and Improved


  • When the Create Learner event is sent from RPL we would like this to include the Learning Aim details so that EP can consume this and update the Learners Record with the Learning Aim.
  • When the applicant is accessing the Magic Link they will be requested to enter a verification code. This will be sent in a separate email to the applicant email address. Once this code has been entered the applicant will be able to access their skill scans.
  • The Activity Log is updated to reflect whether the applicant logged in using the Magic Link functionality or created an account.
  • When selecting the "Resend" option the user can now include a Magic Link in the email so that the applicant can complete the skills scan without creating an account.
  • If the applicant is requested to make changes to their skills scan and they accessed it via a Magic Link they will be directed to the "Welcome Page" and have no access to any menus or account details
  • If the Skills Scan is sent back to the applicant then separate emails are sent depending on whether the applicant originally created the Skills Scan using the Magic Link or via the account creation. If they logged in then the email sent will request them to login again. If they completed it using the magic link then they will have a link to access it.
  • If the applicant is accessing the Skills Scan via a Magic Link the applicant will not see any menus or access to any keychain information. They will log directly into the Welcome Page to complete the skills scan.
  • When creating an applicant there is now the option to include a Magic Link with the email. This will allow the applicant the option of completing their skill scan using the Magic Link rather than having to create an account.
    If this option is switched off the applicant will still need to create an account as before.


  •  The Tutor and the Learning Aim information from Enrol is now available as part of the Create Learner Event from Enrol to EP. The Assessor/Tutor will only be able to be successfully transferred via the event if it has been previously set up across products via the Create Tutor event. 


  • When a learner is created in ILR from EP a dummy programme aim was created. This has now been updated and the apprenticeship standard name is now used. The start date, planned end date and the Apprenticeship Standard code are also now updated in ILR from EP.
  • A new report is now available in Eportfolio that lists all users within a Centre that are not associated with a keychain. The report can be found in the Centre Reports section on the reports page. 
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