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From Thursday 7th March 2024, we're making some small changes to how user accounts linked to a keychain log out. More information on logging out can be found here.

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Software Update: Monday 18th March 2024

On Monday, we're updating RPL to introduce some fixes.  



  • The application counter against the standards was calculating incorrectly. This has now been fixed and is showing the correct number of applicants per standard
  • There was an issue with Additional Costs at Applicant Level where it was not allowing the user to amend the values.
  • There was an issue that was stopping the ability to create a record for an existing applicant on a different standard with the same email address.
  • If the duration of the apprenticeship is less than 12 months after the RPL has been calculated, the reduction duration is shown as zero and a message is now displayed to explain that the duration can not be less than 12 months.
  • There was an issue with the rounding when the system was calculating the Min OTJ. This was causing the value to sometimes be 1hour less than the recommended.
  • There was an issue when creating new RPL accounts on the portal, it was not setting the client id field correctly. This was causing issues when the centres were trying to sync.


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