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Software Update: Thursday 25th January 2024 7:00am - 7:30am

On Thursday, we're updating OneFile Eportfolio, Learning Hub and RPL to introduce some new enhancements and fixes. 

Please ensure all data is saved and you're logged out of Eportfolio before 7am.

Help guides:

How to switch to another product or account without logging out



  • It is now possible to exclude feedback and comments, when requesting the showcase portfolio download. 
  • The Centre Manager option has been removed from the Group drop-down on the account page when accessed by a User Manager. The Centre Manager option is still available when the page is accessed by a Centre Manager.
  • You will now be able to switch to another product or account without logging out if they are linked to your keychain. Click here for more information:  How to switch to another product or account without logging out.

Learning Hub

  • To improve the performance of the learning journal, the check for clashing timesheet entries is now performed when clicking the Create button. If a clashing timesheet entry is found and linked, then click Create again to save the journal entry. 


  • It is now possible to archive a complete standard. It will only be possible to archive a standard that does not have any Active applications associated with it. 
  • It is now possible that an applicant can have the same email address as an employer line manager or a team member. The skills scan will appear on the main page when a user logs in as an applicant and an employer / tutor 
  • It is now possible to amend the Total Negotiated Price manually as part of the confirmation process. The price can be lower but not greater than the calculated TNP 
  • Additional costs can now be amended at individual Applicant level. 
  • There is now a new option on the Application Kebab Menu - "Activity" This option will display all activities for the applicant including :- Date the Application was sent, The Date the applicant logged in, Date Application started, Date Application Submitted, Date Changes Suggested 
  • Once an application has been completed it is now possible to see any of the comments entered against the completed record. A new section has been added "Finalised Application Details"
  • It is now possible to complete the Skills Scan using a mobile phone or tablet. The skills scan screens will automatically resize making the completion process easier.



  • The message displayed when clicking the Send Reminder action from a Review shows the created date rather than the actual date.
  • The new assessor is shown against timesheet records previously created by an archived assessor.
  • Change employer image is the wrong size on the review page.


  • There was a bug when clicking "resend" against an applicant it was sending the wrong email. This has now been resolved and the correct email is now sent
  • There was a bug that allowed users to complete an application without having a calculator attached. This is now no longer possible. A calculator needs to be assigned to complete the application.
  • There was a bug with the Archiving of an applicant, it would archive all applications for the same email address. This has now been fixed and the archive applicant only archives the highlighted record
  • Thanks for the recent update - some useful fixes and updates.

    BUT... the "switch account" option is evaluating really badly with our users! In less than 24h we've had over 50 queries asking for it to be reverted back to the old landing page.

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