Reduced Support Availability: 18th July 2024 from 12pm

Just to let you know, our team is attending the OneFile all company meeting on 18th July  2024 from 12pm, so we won't be as responsive as usual!

You can still access our help guides - just search the Help Centre to find the answers you need. Otherwise, you can submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you have an urgent issue, set the priority accordingly.

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Software Update: Thursday 18th January 2024

On Thursday, we're updating Enrol, to introduce some new enhancements and fixes.

Help Guides:

Creating an Enquiry Form



  • A New functionality titled Expression of Interest is found under the Enquiries Menu.
  • Selecting View from the kebab menu will show a View Only version of the Enquiry Form that was completed.
  • Selecting "Transfer" from the kebab menu will progress the record from an Enquiry to a Learner Record. Any pre populated fields are automatically transferred
  • Within the Form Templates there is a new predefined workflow - "Learner Enquiry". This workflow has been predefined as one step, "Send to Enquiry".
  • Within Form Templates it is now possible to filter by the new "Learner Enquiry" workflow type. This will show Enquiry Forms that have been created for this workflow
  • For Learner Enquiry Forms there is now a new option on the kebab menu - Share Form. This option will present the user with a link. This link can be copied and inserted into a web page. Please Note that this link does not support Iframes

A screenshot of a computer  Description automatically generated

  • Creating a new form from the "Learner Enquiry" Workflow will present the user with the standard new form creation page. The following 3 fields will automatically be added to the form. (First Name, Surname & Email Address). These fields can NOT be removed for this workflow type.
    A new set of pre populated fields are available for the Enquiry Record.
    All standard form creation functionality is available.
  • Clicking on the Link generated from a share Form will present the user with a blank enquiry form. Standard validation is available on the Pre populated fields. There is No "Save" option on an Enquiry Form.
    Records created using an Enquiry Form will populate the New "Enquiry" screen.
    New Records will be created with a status of "New" once the record has been Viewed the Status will be updated to "Viewed"
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