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Software Update: Monday 8th January 2024 - EP Mobile App (Version 1.0.10)

We've rolled out a fresh version of our mobile app, this release is exclusive for iOS and Android users. Head to the App/Play store on your device to update! 


  • It is now possible to set the review type when scheduling a new review from the mobile app. The review type will also be shown when editing an existing review.
    Only the customer data forms and sections assigned to the review type will be shown when editing a review.
  • The height of multi-line text boxes has been increased to make it easier to see larger amounts of text.
  • The height of customer data form labels has been increased to allow for larger amounts of text.
  • The height of custom data form sections has been increased to allow for larger section names.


  • When the name of a custom data form section is too long to fit in the header then it is displayed under the header.
  • Large images within custom data forms are not displayed correctly on reviews
  • The list of learners does not always display all of the learners until the user applies a filter. (Android users)
  • The date picker on a custom form cannot be set to a date in a previous year
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