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Software Update: Thursday 20th July 2023

On Thursday, we're updating OneFile Eportfolio, to introduce some new enhancements and fixes. 



  • When the Due Date of an Activity Task or Assessment within an Assessment Plan is changed, the Due Date of the generated Task will be automatically updated. The task will also be updated with any changes to the Learner Instructions / Details of Planned Assessment.
  • It is now possible to sort the list of Timesheet entries by the Date From.
  • Assessor User ID and Assessor Name are now populated for cancelled visit events in the VisitEvent.csv data export.
  • PDFs files stored in the Resources area can now be opened in a new browser tab rather than being downloaded. To control this behaviour a new setting "Open PDF file in a new tab" has been added to the "Downloads" section of the Centre setting page.



  • When importing a Word document into the supporting evidence text box, some of the spaces are removed from the text.
  • Delay in loading a portfolio page for Centre Managers and Monitors when there is a large number of learners in the learner dropdown.
  • Learners cannot be deleted if they have a break in learning.
  • When displaying clashing learning activities in the Learning Journal an hour is added to the start time.
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