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Software Update: Monday 19th December 2022

On Monday, we're updating OneFile  RPL to release new features and enhancements:

New features and enhancements

  • Adding new field Description against each version of the standard.

 Against each calculator it is now possible to add a Calculator name and give it a description 


  •  Description against each version of standard - New Layout 

 The calculator page has been updated to show the calculator’s name and version number in the grid.   

  •  Admin View of the RPL is not showing the new funding changes 

 When logged in to RPL as an Admin and reviewing an applicant’s skills assessment, it was showing the old calculator page.  This has now been updated to show the new page including the hours field.  


  • Round the % Reduction calculation to 1 Decimal place
  • The “Hours Reduction based on RPL” field has been updated to display no decimal places 
  • The “% Reduction” field has been updated to display 1 decimal place 
  • The “50%” Reduction” Field has been updated to display 1 decimal place 

  • Add new context menu within the Manage Standards Page 

Against each version of a calculator there is now a new kebab menu.  

  • "Completed Calculators" the action on the context menu is "View".  This allows the user to view a completed calculator.   

  • "Draft Calculators" the action on the kebab menu is "Edit".  This allows the user to edit a set up. 


  •  Manage Applicant - Review Page -  Adding Standard Fields (Reductions)

 The fields "Topics" and "Reductions" have been added (read only) to the Manage Applicants page for applicants with a status of "in Review". 

  •  Multiple skills assessments per applicant  

 It is now possible to send multiple skills assessments to an applicant at a single email address.  The applications need to be for different standards  

  •  Applicant Skills Assessment Page  

 An applicant will now see all their Skills Assessments and the status when they log in. 


  •  Delete Option for Calculators 

 There is now the ability to delete any completed calculators that do not have any applicants associated to it.  This is available on the context menu 


  •  Amend Email for a Returned Skills Assessment  

 It is now possible to amend the email and subject contents when an application is sent back to the applicant to amend their skills assessment.  

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