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Software Update: Wednesday 30th November 2022

On Wednesday, we're updating OneFile ILR to release fixes and new features:

New features and enhancements


  •  Two new programme statuses of "No Achievement" and "Partial Achievement" have been added and are now visible on the programme cards, learner grid and dashboard.
  •  New columns have been added to the programme status bar chart on your dashboard. These column show when the learner went on a break and how long they have been on the break for. 
  • A new report has been created that summarises the achievement, retention and withdrawal rates.
  • A new report has been added which shows learners that are within 6 months of their end point assessment that don't have an EPA organisation assigned.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug which was incorrectly validating the apprenticeship contract type date to field when the programme had been highlighted as being delivered to own employees.
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