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Software Update: Thursday 3rd November 2022

On Thursday, we're updating OneFile Eportfolio and ILR to release fixes and new features:



  •  It is now possible to withdraw a learner if they are set to awaiting EPA. 
  • The Destination and Progression drop down now filters correctly, showing the appropriate outcome title when the outcome type is selected.
  • Learning actual end date has been added to the aim information page and this is now editable, making it easier for users to correct any mistakes themselves.

    Changes have been made to allow a user to change a learners programme from achieved back to awaiting EPA easily if a mistake was made.



  •  Improvements have been made to the performance of the page used to assign an ILP to learners. Paging has also been added to the learner list to reduce the number of learners show at one time. 
  •  Timeout error occurs when attempting to load the Unit Sampling table from the Unit Sampling page. Improvements have been made to the performance when loading the data from the database. 
  •  An error occurred when clicking Save on the Access Accounts page when the Centre Setting, "Interactive Employer Account (Employers) - Enable this group" is disabled. 
  •  When changing the placement of an Employer, if the option to revoke access to learners in the original placements is selected, then the Employer is not removed as the Learner's Default Employer. 
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