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Software Update: Tuesday 25th October 2022

On Tuesday, we're updating OneFile Enrol to release some new features and improvements:



  • There is now the ability to delete an employer that does not have any learners associated with it
  • When a user creates a form, it will now prompt them to enter a Form Name at the start of the form creation
  • There is now the functionality to delete learners. Against Incomplete Learners there is a new delete icon. Once selected there is a conformation prompt to confirm the deletion. The learner and any forms associated with the learner are deleted.
  • There is now the ability to delete users from a centre.
  • There is now the facility to delete forms with an Incomplete Status.
    Against any form with an incomplete status there will be a delete icon. On selecting delete a confirmation modal will be displayed to confirm the deletion.
  • The "Review and Approve" Button has been reworded to "Review"
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