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Software Update: Wednesday 21st September 2022

On Wednesday Morning, we're updating OneFile to release some new features and improvements:



Include readable text for coded values in the XML:  The field values for archived learners are now displayed in text form, rather than the code value. 

• Extended Learner Grid export:  The learner grid can now be exported. 


Eportfolio API

"Invalid email" API error when attempting to create learners through PICSWeb:  "Invalid email" error occurs when creating a new user. The email validation has been updated to allow all valid email addresses. 

• API Learner Status broken on User Create/Update:  New endpoint has been create that will allow the LearnerStatusID to be set POST /api/v2.1/User/{id}/LearnerStatus/{learnerstatusId}
Existing endpoints POST /api/v2.1/User/ and POST /api/v2.1/User/{id} have been fixed to no longer ignore the LearnerStatusID. 

• LearnerStatusID not included in User Search Paged Endpoint:  LearnerStatusID not included in User Search Paged Endpoint 

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