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Software Update: Wednesday 18th May 2022 - 07:00-07:30am

On Wednesday morning, we're updating OneFile to release some new features, improvements and fixes:



  • It is now possible for a Training Provider to set permissions on the data table. A Training Provider can specify who completes the table and who can view the table
  • It is now possible to specify whether a data table is Mandatory or Optional. If a table is Mandatory then ALL Rows & Columns will need to be completed
  • Data tables are now included in the PDF download
  • Data Tables are now included in the CSV Export process 


  • Internal change to remove bespoke OneFile uploader capability, following its replacement with an updated version of the Telerik component
  • Change made to resolve scenario where Learner Template forms are visible to users who are not in the signatory group, and/or a Centre Manager.
  • Change made to allow start dates in framework templates to be left blank, or to be populated with the episode start date. Existing behavior in the application would only allow the field to be left blank, or using an integer and a period selection from adjacent drop-down box
  • Learners should be able to see the feedback provided by the Employer  


R13-R2 Crossover Periods:

  • ‘Learner Contact Preference’ field: During the ILR funding year crossover periods, the User will be able to input contact data for either of the 21/22 rules as well as the upcoming 22/23 rules in a learner record. Once the R3 return period occurs, only the 22/23 contact information will be visible within a learner record.
  • Import: During the ILR funding year crossover periods, only XMLs which pertain to the same funding year can be imported. For example, a 21/22 record can only be imported until the end of the R14 return period.

  • ESFA Report/Record Export: During the ILR funding year crossover periods, the user will have the ability to choose which funding year they would like to request the export in – 21/22 or 22/23.



  • The message in the Review Forms Page was misleading. This has been re-worded to remove the reference to Reminders as that functionality is not currently available


  • Resolving an issue where opening of previously saved Centre Reports caused the application to crash with a server error
  • Fix to allow import of valid learners to Eportfolio from BKSB where some records in the overall payload are invalid. This resolves a previous situation where if one or more records are invalid, the entire payload (including any valid records) is rejected
  • Fix released to correct spelling mistake in Learning Aims View report
  • Resolving a bug where a Learner Template form was created and is available to be viewed by users who are not named or within an authorised user group
  • Resolving a bug where Select Learning Aims icon is appearing on Learning aims page, for centres with restricted permissions (where learning aims are set through 3rd party systems)
  • Resolving an issue where the overall progress in Learner Database/Learner View reports was incorrectly displaying progress for the main learning aim rather than the overall progress across the portfolio
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