Reduced Support Availability: 18th July 2024 from 12pm

Just to let you know, our team is attending the OneFile all company meeting on 18th July  2024 from 12pm, so we won't be as responsive as usual!

You can still access our help guides - just search the Help Centre to find the answers you need. Otherwise, you can submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you have an urgent issue, set the priority accordingly.

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Software Update: Wednesday 12th January 2022 - 07:00-07:30

On Wednesday morning, we're updating OneFile to release some new features, improvements and fixes:  



  • Ability to view and edit Apprenticeship Contract type data field 

  • Ability to view and edit Employment status data   



  • Fixed an issue where withdrawn form fields appear within completion status for learners’ records who are set to Ready 

  • Fixed an issue where Mark as ready button was appearing when a completed learner record was imported.  

  • Fixed error when adding certain email domains to user account 

  • Fixed an issue where mandatory fields were appearing twice under wrong heading in MFT when a new learner was created with manual program added on pop up window 

  • Fixed an issue when deleting a financial record, if there are more than 1 record 2 records are deleted.  

  • Fixed an issue of invalid value for Total training price being saved 


  • Fixed an issue where selecting/deselecting a single checkbox was causing a system error and forms could not be submitted 

  • Fixed an issue where the header and footer were displaying Not found when deleted on a duplicate form 

  • Fixed an issue were editing a field on a duplicated form containing a header was not updating correctly 


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