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Software Update: Wednesday 12th January 2022 - 07:00-07:30

On Wednesday morning, we're updating OneFile to release some new features, improvements and fixes:  



  • Ability to view and edit Apprenticeship Contract type data field 

  • Ability to view and edit Employment status data   



  • Fixed an issue where withdrawn form fields appear within completion status for learners’ records who are set to Ready 

  • Fixed an issue where Mark as ready button was appearing when a completed learner record was imported.  

  • Fixed error when adding certain email domains to user account 

  • Fixed an issue where mandatory fields were appearing twice under wrong heading in MFT when a new learner was created with manual program added on pop up window 

  • Fixed an issue when deleting a financial record, if there are more than 1 record 2 records are deleted.  

  • Fixed an issue of invalid value for Total training price being saved 


  • Fixed an issue where selecting/deselecting a single checkbox was causing a system error and forms could not be submitted 

  • Fixed an issue where the header and footer were displaying Not found when deleted on a duplicate form 

  • Fixed an issue were editing a field on a duplicated form containing a header was not updating correctly 


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