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Software Update: Thursday 21st January 2021 - 07:00-07:30

On Thursday morning, we're updating OneFile to release some new features, improvements and fixes:   


RPL Funding Calculator 

  • All team members now have aexport page where all exported files (CSVs, RPL Skills Assessment Scores, and Skills Assessment PDFs) will be stored for 14 days 

  • Tutors can export completed Skills Assessment as PDF 


  • Restrictions on main and additional Learner Aims/Standards has been removed for per-seat customers 

  • Can restrict Employer access to folders within Resources 

Learning Hub  Courses 

  • Lots of WCAG improvements 

  • 200 pieces of criteria can be mapped to each course page 

  • Customise font stylescolours and ability to add bullet points for text on custom pages 

Learning Hub  Learning Journal 

  • Lots of WCAG improvements 


RPL Funding Calculator 

  • Finance Admins can view the 'Manage employers' page 

  • Users can interact with the upload document modals using their keyboard 

  • Line managers can no longer be added or edited using an email address that is associated with an existing account 

  • Help and Support link on the login page opens in a new tab 


  • Server error when attempting to agree to the Turnitin user agreement 

Learning Hub  Courses 

  • Learners completing a quiz using a screen reader, that has a time limit, will be informed how long they have to complete the quiz and when the time is complete 

  • Embed file page flashing up when creating a quiz page 

  • Warning message added to inform users using preview mode for a course, that the quiz answers will always be revealed in this mode, irrespective of the 'show correct answers' setting chosen 

Learning Hub – Scorecard 

  • Tooltip appears on Scorecard criteria page if rating prompt message is added to Scorecard Rating Template. 


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