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[9149] Timesheet Category used in learning Journal causes error 500 if unlinked via Look-up Tables

Users are currently receiving an error 500 when trying to access the Learning Journal section on a Learner’s portfolio.


This is caused by a Timesheet Category that has been used as an entry and has since been removed as a Learning Activity within the Look-up Tables section. 


Workaround: To fix this, please ensure that the relevant Timesheet Categories are enabled as a Learning Activity.  


Steps to resolve error: 

1. Log in as centre manager

2. Click on Centre from the navigation bar

3. Click on Look-up tables

4. Click on Timesheet categories

5. Tick the box within the Learning Activity column for the Categories.


Our Development team are working on resolving this issue as soon as possible and we’ll post an update when we have further information.

  • Great news, this has now been resolved!

  • I have 5 Historic Tasks that whenever I try to access them I get a Error 500 Message. I attempting to get this resolved but it is very frustrating. 

  • Hi Iain,

    Please can you raise a ticket with our support team on [email protected] and we'll help you get this one resolved

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