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[8648] Off-the-job hours/percentage not updated if timesheet entry end date set in the future


OneFile automatically calculates the end date of a timesheet session, based on the start date/time and the duration of the timesheet.

If this automatically calcualted end date is set in the future when the learner's OTJ hours are recalculated, the time won't be included in the actual OTJ hours or actual OTJ % figures.

Temporary Solution:

When adding new timesheet sessions, remember to backdate the start date/time to when the activity took place, rather than today's date.

  • Amazing news, we're about to implement a change to off-the-job calculation on Thursday 09th July, which means off-the-job entries added with a future start and/or end dates or time will update the off-the-job total and percentage when the date and time is reached. 

  • Great news I can confirm that today's release has now gone live and this issue has now been resolved.

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