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[4573] The first character of a new paragraph isn't registered when typing into the text editor - Microsoft Edge


Whilst using Microsoft Edge and some versions of internet explorer, when you start typing the start of a paragraph, the first character isn't registered. 

Temporary Solution:

Double Press the Enter key when starting a new paragraph.


Microsoft are rolling out an update to Microsoft Edge that we believe will resolve this problem. We'll post an update when we've confirmed the issue is resolved.

  • Microsoft have released early access to the new version of Microsoft Edge. You can download it by clicking here.

    This update will automatically be included in a future Windows Update, at which point, we will mark this issue as resolved.

  • Over the last 6 months, Microsoft have began to roll out updates to the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge. Therefore, we are going to mark this post as resolved.

    If you still haven't received the latest version of Microsoft Edge via a Windows update, you can always manually download the update here.

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