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Enabling the ProSolution Integration

1. Request a Portal

To enable the ProSolution integration, you will need to speak to your Onefile Success Manager.

2. Authenticate using the Portal details

Once you’ve been set up with a portal, you can authenticate the integration, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the System Settings area and select the General tab
  2. Enter the PortalID, Username and Password provided by OneFile
  3. Enter the URL of the environment you want to integrate with


Tip - Multiple OneFile Centres

If you have multiple centres, enter a description and the PortalID on the OneFile Centre tab. The URL, username and password will be the same, but the PortalID will be different for each centre.

3. Create a ProSolution Task

To get the integration working, a task must be created in ProSolution:

4. Offering and Enrolment Details

It will now be possible to select the OneFile Centre at the “Offering” level, if required. Selecting a Centre will default down to the enrolment level. To prevent an enrolment from being sent to OneFile, tick the “Exclude From OneFile" option on the offering and enrolment screens.

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