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Covered in the webinar:

  • Monitoring Learners
  • Interacting with the Learner's Journey:
    • Counter-signing activities
    • Counter-signing reviews
    • LearningHub view
  • Employer and Observer Reports
  • Best Practice and Top Tips
Webinar Transcript

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and

welcome saying with a sense of

onboarding training webinars here from

one file my name is Jake I'll be

representative for today I'm actually

the onboarding project specialist here

at one file so for those who've yet to

be introduced to the onboarding theme

we're a new function that's been put

together and to basically better equip

our users with the knowledge and

resources that they need to effectively

use our system so over on the onboarding

thing we've been busy creating brand new

user guides both written and video and

another thing that we've been running

since um our team wasn't set it back in

mate was these live training webinars


so we've actually spent a bit of time

away from the webinars last few weeks

and we've had time to self gather the

feedback review and amend any of the

sessions and we've got some brand new

sessions between now and Christmas so I

thought that I would begin is very

quickly having looked over on the

onboarding page so again if you've yet

to be introduced to the onboarding team

you probably haven't seen this page

either pretty much anything that we do

as a team any new resources guides

videos and webinars will all be on this

page somewhere okay so you won't find

this page attached to our website is

usually a link that we send out in fact

just in case someone wants to come and

visit this page later on I'll drop the

link in the chat forum ok but yes at

once it's quick lease of a look over the

what webinars we've got between now and


I was sent to manager training sessions

both intermediate and advanced we still

look at reporting within one file of

condensed that nouns in one shorter

session we now have the full range of

sessions for tutors so right through

from foundation intermediate and

advanced in terms of new features and

products webinars and wants to highlight

are probably individual learning plans

progressive use and a brand new teaching

in an implant session as well for the

users we still get the likes of IQA

learners and employers observers and

finally got a brand new type of webinar

as well for advice and guidance in case

of the likes of planning your curriculum

of intent in one file once prepare for

auditing compliance and how to fair for

Ofsted using one file there's a please

to come to have a look at these webinars

and we do also record the sessions as

well and pop them onto the onboarding

page you'll find that from the recorded

webinars button just allow for a few

weeks at the pass before we get these

new ones on there okay we're joined back

to today's session we'll be having a

look at employer and observer user rules

within one file before we actually jump

into that though there's some

housekeeping to get out the way first so

somewhere on your screen right now

usually anchored right there should be

eight go to webinar panel a few features

on this panel one that may interest you

the most over is questions so if at any

point throughout today's session you

have any questions comments or concerns

and please do feel free to pop it into

the questions box however it will be the

end of the session so which we have a

look at those as for today's session

I'll put on for around 20 to 25 minutes

and then any time left at the end there

will be used to answer your questions

and finally we also have feedback

surveys so at the end of today's session

whether you guys leave or whether I end

it from my side usually presented with a

feedback survey in your usual internet

browser we greatly appreciate you could

say defense complete that survey so I'm

taking more than 30 seconds though it's

only around five more choice questions

but we would greatly appreciate that

okay noise let me have a quick look to

make sure that everything's working from

this side and we'll jump into today's



okay everything seems to be good so

employ an observer user ons during this

session we will look to cover monitoring

learners and how we can interact with

the learners journey such as counter

signing activities reviews and even

looking at a learner's learning hub and

some journal entries and timesheet

entries there we'll have a look at some

employment and observe reports and

sprinkle some tips in throughout as well

okay so let's go ahead and jump into one

file itself so we're gonna have to be

hosting today at least the first half or

from an observers point of view okay and

the reason for that is because as long

as you haven't set your own employees

and observers up or change any of the

settings rather within the one file then

these two user accounts will actually

acting cuz that over the same that will

have the same functionality and it will

look exactly the same the difference

between the two then does come with that

employer account employees can have much

more involvement in the learners program

and therefore that role in one file

actually be a lot more interactive if

your employer accounts been set up that

way within your system

okay so with Stanford observers at point

of view and then when we stand to

venture into them all employer related

things I'll jump into that user world to

show you how it differs there okay but

this is what the observers see when they

first log in you can see we've got this

section here for a learner dashboard

from actually go into that there is

another area I'd like to pull your

attention to so you'll see on the top

right-hand corner of the screen there we

have a couple of icons here the first of

which is your account there should be

your account tab so you should have your

name there perhaps your picture if you

uploaded one I know it should say the

name of the user role that you're

currently logged in as well also on this

toolbar is good to highlight we do also

have your task list and messages as well

okay so if you ever get something tasks

that you've prepare within this one and

any messages there as well okay but

we've slept the your accounts app we can

set the likes of your own I stay

so whether you're away from your desk

kind of thing you can't upload your

personal information into profile

although it's not necessary to have an

account on our system and it's actually

the appearance settings I wanted to

quickly run over with you guys

ok so within one Fowler the main start

default theme that we have is this of

grayscale that you can currently see at

the moment however you may know users

who perhaps got dyslexia or perhaps some

other visual impairments and they

struggle to see text boxes stand out and

web page then we do have some

accessibility themes in here as well and

so again just in case you know you if

not for yourself you may know another

user they would benefit from some of

these themes being set otherwise it's

the default grayscale we do use a color

there was a rag systems throughout the

system a rag system throughout the

website there we are get that sentence

out straight eventually so is the your

Reds Amber's greens or traffic light

system as some people like to call it so

again if there's any sub objects or

difficulties viewing those colors we do

allow you to change them as well and

this is just for your account by the way

and then finally we do allow you to play

around with the font your preferred font

and the font size we understand that

within some organizations the IT team a

lock down your internet browser settings

where you'd usually be able to change

this information and so just in case

that is that is the case with your

sensor then we do allow you to change

your font size within your sensor

settings your account settings rather

okay now it's good to point out those

appearance settings it likes that if

it's not for yourself it may benefit

another users that you do work with but

ok back to the home page this is what

both observers and employees see when

they first log in so you can see you've

been presented with this learner

dashboard okay so this lens dashboard is

shown as all the learners at least we

have access to ok so this won't be all

learners on the train riders Center and

it's like that it's just ones that we

have been giving permission to see ok so

we can see learners names across left

hand side we cross to see what class or

cohort we belong to as well as this of

uploaded a profile picture we can see

the main learning game that their work

towards followed by the progress and

target bars so we use these bars quite

often throughout the website we found

it's a really easy way to gauge where

the lens up to against where they should

be up to

so with that the red bar is the learners

target where they should be up to and

the green is where they are up to

depending on what has been signed up in

the system so far not see the length of

the anticipated completion date and then

we have the rack system coming to play

now here as well with the lengths of

target deviation and net review date

highlighting I've seen for review dates

red if anything is now gone over Jim see

these three reviews have and then the

Reds Amber's greens depending on

whereabouts throughout soon in terms of

target deviation here the ahead of their

target in this case got a 33% ahead

oh are they falling behind in this case

39 percent behind so I'm sleeping

highlighted in red you have some quick

options as well on the right hand side

such as jumping quickly to this learners

assessments teach and learning plans or

their gap analysis okay which we will

see just a moment don't forget about the

left hand menu as well okay some useful

tips and features in here such as the

reporting suite which will have a quick

look at at the end and you also have a

sense a wide resource area as well which

in some instances they may be documents

in there for you as an employer observer

to have a look at because the sensor can

actually lock those resources down to

particular user roles okay okay so let's

have a look at one of our learners let's

jump into and mr. Pete blue here okay so

if you do have access to a learner

there's actually a lot of information

that you could go ahead and have a look

at which can I highlight I guess some of

the more prominent areas today some more

important areas and but you know please

do have a look through a learner's

portfolio perhaps that your sense of

saving evidence or progress in different

areas and we usually would but we just

like to highlight the main bits for you

guys today

so this is the learners portfolio page

case is very similar view to what the

tutor will see it's very some of you so

what the learners will see what we have

in their table in front of us is

basically each component that makes

this learners apprenticeship in this

instance is working towards an

apprenticeship standard but pretty much

any learning game that you're trained

for either is teaching your learners

should be underneath within this table

which we can see the current and target

progress some other useful information

below such as the overall progress we

can also see what placement Li belongs

to learner status so think of that as a

way of labeling the learners and the

tutors might use that to highlight when

learners are at risk or falling behind

it's a useful tool for reports later on

and then off the job where it's actually

displaying a percentage okay so the

first place is probably quite useful to

see as an observer or an employer is to

have a look at the learners gap analysis

okay so we're gonna work way to these

tabs underneath if we slept progress the

first icon that appears is gap analysis

and once let's show all and apply what

the gap analysis does is it pulls in

each component that learners working

towards and breaks it down into its

outcomes and individual criteria its

unit outcomes an individual criteria

okay so we're looking at the knowledge

criteria within the customer service

practitioners standard and against the

each line of criteria here on the right

hand side we have two other problems

like two supporting evidence and

progress with in the progress column you

see we've got a little green boxes now

these green boxes are rather these

little boxes do change color depending

on whether our learners yet to cover

this particular criteria now it looks

for the most part in this instance that

we have a green let us know that learner

has covered this piece of criteria we

can also see that however through the

supporting evidence column that column

will actually highlight and hyperlink

all the pieces of works which the

learners done which the tutor then maps

to that particular criteria so what

we're saying is within this particular

column here we've got four blue boxes

each of these represent in a an

assessment on some kind of work which

the learner has either completed or

evidence uploaded the tutors are then

mapped at least these four pieces of


to cover at least demonstrate the

knowledge of this particular criteria

okay so essentially from this page we'd

have a list of all the words that

learners done maps to the correct

criteria now why would this page be

useful for observers and employees who's

not necessarily like you guys need to

know the the program has been delivered

inside out to this level but what it

does show us if we just quickly should

close some of these and unit Center we

could cross something else there yeah we

can see we've got different colors now

we've got amber it's let us know that

work has been uploaded but yet to be

signed off and then read let's know that

no works you've done against this


now minimizing some of these units there

is a particular unit would like to get

to yes okay so this is the on program

learning for the customer service

practitioner and you may know insists

we've got three green boxes in this

instance your sensors can set a rather

the providers who can set up what we

call consistency rules and basically

consistency rules is where you can write

into the programmer right into one file

itself that a learner has to load

multiple pieces of criteria or more

blood multiple piece of evidence or

cover certain criteria so I demonstrate

certain behaviors and skills on multiple

occasions so the rules been put in place

for this learner for his own program

learning has to be covered at least on

three times and for the most part we can

see from this plotted evidence column

that he has uploaded at least three

pieces of work for each here we can see

they get three red three blue boxes okay

so the reason I've highlighted this in

case it was he sells their employers I

suppose whoever public requiring that

you wanted the limbs to demonstrate

certain behaviors or certain skills on

multiple occasions this is the page

where you could have a look at that and

see how many times I've learned actually

covered each now if the learner don't

only upload a two piece of work

we don't have two green boxes and the

other one will be red okay there's

the way to self-monitor your learner and

stay on top of certain elements perhaps

you're interested in off the job okay

you simply see your employees at takes a

certain amount of time outlets might be

on a weekly basis so it might be

arranged within the program so you don't

understand our end of their

apprenticeship but either way it may be

something that you want to start over

keep an eye on in terms of make sure

than it is tracking that off the job

time well there's a couple ways we can

see this the most recommended probably

be through the learners learning journal

in which we found underneath the

activity tab and the third icon in what

this feature is is the more dedicated

off the job function of suppose at least

for your learner's and cheaters what we

have in this a social media of styles of

news feed is posts these opposed to of

activities are not necessarily at since

magnet learning development tasks as

well these are all posts created by the

learners or tutors whether it may be a

reflection of learning it may be

reflection of sort of learning in

development it may be part of a bigger

wider assessment plan as we could see

this one was okay and learn this in here

as well as Creighton Post and linking

time to that and recording whether that

time had been spent off the job such as

this task here you can also upload

pictures as well to help serve reinforce

and what it is that they've learned

further that learners can actually map

these posts to criteria

ere we drew for a small out some soft be

aware of what it is that there'll be

ease of learning and covering within

their program but this actually helps

them reflect later on it then takes it

through to another feature that we call

the scorecard but basically learners can

score themselves against each of the

knowledge skills behaviors or points

within your curriculum and it's

basically build a ideal graph of the

learners journey from their own

perspective okay so you can have a look

to make sure that posts have been done

on a regular basis and things have been

recorded off the jump but perhaps you'd

want to have a look at the off-the-job

time just all at once rather than

looking at individual posts

so let's head back to mr. people whose

portfolio page okay and if you did want

to monitor where pete's time is going

and it was off the job included they

would probably recommend having a look

at the timesheets icon now what the time

she's icon on the timesheet page rather

does is it clicks all the time that

learner has recorded no matter whether

that was through an assessment or

whether it was through that learning

journal area that we saw her a moment

ago it'll always record and collect the

learners time at least of course if the

learners and tutors record such so the

very bottom of the time she's paid for

just have a big long list it's basically

a dates rate of each time a learner has

recorded time okay so we have a

description of these sessions here I

know that these are things like case

studies perhaps on your sensor they've

actually named the activities so it

would make a little bit more sense but

these are just the default references I

know for assessments and search and on

the right side you can see how much time

has been spent Jona pivoter and where's

that activity it's been highlighted off

the job as you scroll up we can then

feed all that a cumulative time spent

across the different assessment methods

across those different off the job

categories completing and finally at the

very top we have the dedicated off the

job function which actually calculates

the alert your learners off the job time

automatically as long as their total

crunch I thought ours was input from the

very beginning and of course that

learners and tutors are recording time

on behalf of this learner that internal

helps us generate a target off the job

hours actual author Charles so far and

in turn an actual percentage which also

sits on the learners portfolio if you've

got a couple learners with this

particular provider then has also off

the job reports that you guys can do as

well as you can have a look at that

information all at once okay so that

pretty much what we'd like to show from

the observers point of view today and

like that everything that we've seen

today is also accessible from the lawyer

account those two accounts are

practically the same thing

if you

of the interactive employer center

setting switched on if you do then your

employer's my own so they have many more

features to play around with so that's

what we're going to explore now let's go

ahead and log out of our observer

account I'm gonna jump back in but as an

employer and this particular employer

has been sort of switched on as it and

decided to be an interactive employer in

terms of one phone

oh by the way if you are wondering how

an employer account becomes an

interactive employer account

it's just sensor managers would set this

so ever the sensor managers for your

sensor and you know please speak with

those guys they'll be able to switch

that sensor setting okay so we're just

on getting as our employer you probably

notice it looks fairly the same if not

exactly the same as it did with the

observers what we wanted to show as an

employer is the few things that the

employees can then actually be a part of

in terms of how we involve they can get

with the learners apprenticeship so my

employers actually been sent a couple of

tasks already if we go ahead we're gonna

view all to open up the tasks page info

a couple things to highlighter because

the task list for you look same furthers

on the same use of different users as

well is if any of the tasks have been

highlighted in red as you can see these

top two have then those tasks and now

over Jim okay that will be something

that's transparent for the sensor

managers that we all see that how many

overdue tasks each user role on their

sensor has you can also see the due

dates on the right hand side we've seen

but a couple of tasks here things such

as please please sign the review for

mister P blue complete ease completes a

farm employer feedback form and go for

more farms in there as well so when we

say we have an interactive employer

account what happens when we turn this

into that account as such is that

employers can then countersign progress

reviews they can count assign assessment

plans they can start work on behalf of

the learner that does require an extra

setting but it is possible and then you

do have the ability to complete farms in

some cases you may actually be completed

a full farm as that is actually one of

the farm publishing options that you

from solely for your employers so rather

than actually will dramatically Silistra

so head over to mr. Pete blue to begin

with an agenda we were just looking at a

moment ago but from our observer account

okay so as you can tell exactly the same

as it was a moment ago what you may find

on your learner's portfolio pages that

you might have an extra stop here for

the forms okay your Center has a

function called farm build the base of

it and they can choose to build

additional forms to capture additional

information okay so if there's anything

that one file doesn't capture as a

default getting a sense the managers

could perhaps create a farm to do just

that okay one of the tests that we had

there was to complete the employer

feedback form for mr. Pete bloom

okay so you'll find let me drive to the

farms within the learner's portfolio

page themselves because the ants are

assigned to learners they know all these

farms we don't have any default farms as

such within the system and so this has

been completely customized and created

by someone here within one file but we

get there then you may be asked to

complete farms which we can obviously

follow the task list as well if we to

selects this red one here please

complete the farm employ your feedback

it take us to that exact page okay well

just give you guys an idea of where they

sit if he wasn't going through your task


okay so Lunas portfolio and it should be

a tab for forms okay yes you may be

asked to complete forms we had another

task in there though please can't assign

the progress of you this let's go ahead

and jump onto this one again this review

page could look very different on your

Center it all really depends on how it's

been set up how the reviews have been

set up for your Center it's quite a

malleable system in terms of a lot of

senses can kind of get it to look

different and that's differently its

record and actually maps their own

deliveries okay so your page your

progress review page may not look

exactly the same as this however I

believe the the process is very similar

okay so I've got likes of unit

progression between reviews which of

course you can oversee as learners


have a look at what tasks have been

completed bit interviews and if any

units been signed off and again

everything's a hyperlink within the

system so you can select this and jump

into any amount of activities if you

wish to if there's been any sort of

reviews left for individual units all

units any attachments you'll be able to

see the full feedback and comments

thread between the cheaters and learners

okay and even share your own feedback as

well so perhaps in this instance you

would like to as an employer write up a

little bit how you've seen the learners

maybe behaviour changed or maybe skills

have improved perhaps a more

knowledgeable in certain areas of their

working day no okay whatever you feel

like you can give as an employer get you

should also be observing this learners

progression throughout their program if

not supporting then you don't share your

feedback as well it'll always help if

there's any ingrediens

and then finally at the bottom page if

you are required to sign everything it

will be highlighted in yellow

okay listeners know exactly where we

need to tick and it saves the exacts of

time and date that we saved this I'll

sign this rather and does that update

once you click Save so then the sensor

can always add it and reporting that

information as well okay it's not

actually letting us save because we've

not left any feedback okay where

necessary we do put things like this in

place and so obviously encourages you

guys either as employees or observers of

course the other way around as well

tutors learners it's the same for those

guys they'd be certain instances where

they will have to get feedback okay so I

guess the end for today the last thing

we would want to touch upon it's just a

few reports in case we go access the

reports on the left-hand side

you're in as an employer observer you

still get a good selection of a report

say I would recommend just having a look

at these and playing around with them

and especially these learn a database

ones these are actually customizable

reports when you can pull in your own

fields very useful but the one that

we'll end with today is one at the top

here the progress report one that's

always ready to go we just have to

choose one of our filters okay so if I

select class here and again it along

really show you the information that you

should have access to so to speak so if

I did have lots of learners with this

provider for example and perhaps I'll be

able to see more than one class and but

in this instance I've only got a couple

of learners with them so I've on the

visibility of those guys and they're

within the same class okay and this

report very quickly shows all the

learners within that class again we

could use placements instead perhaps she

was the employer of this particular

placement might be an easy way to report

ok and the plot yourself is shoulders

learners progress so of course it once

Sam type of progress if you wanted to

quickly have a look at a glance this is

really good to have a look at that

what's interesting and very useful about

a lot of one files reports is that we

can export them stretchy formats yes if

you ever need to say this data out then

you certainly can do so and the reports

themselves are usually interactive which

basically means we can click into them

we can have a look at the data behind

okay so it's not just a case of one file

internals that mr. people who is that

63% and we've got no way of proving that

we just have to believe what the system

says it's not the case we can actually

click the green bar and it'll then take

us into a further report for mr. people

whose work now looking at all the units

that he's been assigned across the

different components now we can see a

bit more of a granular level here all

the units that he has completed the ones

that you started but not finished the

ones as year just even start by looks of

things and what units have been signed

off we can see that due to the names

that are sat on the progress bar itself

such as these tutors learning IQs okay

if it's got all three

it means it's fully signed off and it

doesn't end there if you wanted to go

and dive in even deeper then let's have

a look at this one we can click the

green bar once again it'll take us

through to the unit summary

okay the unit summary page is basing

where everything is signed off

to highlight all the assessments and all

that affinities that fall under this

particular unit okay so hopefully that's

demonstrate that you can always some

drill down into one fast data to see

where it's pulling that information from

okay guys that has been it for today

that's effing wanted to sort of

introduce really to the observer and

employee rounds like I said those two

roles are very much exactly the same

until you switch on that interactive

employer setting for your Center

hopefully that's been a worthwhile syv

introduction to those two euros rules we

have a look at some questions in just a

moment so if you haven't already please

do begin preparing those and for

everyone else there who's not sticking

around thank you for attending

I do hope like say it's been somewhat

useful and hope to see you on a session

in the future bye bye for now I'll be

back in two seconds to read out your


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