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How is Off-The-Job calculated? (legacy)

The 'Total Contracted Hours' should be the total hours of the entire apprenticeship, not the weekly hours.

Therefore, the total contracted hours should be the weekly working hours, multiplied by the number of weeks in the length of the apprenticeship.

Forumula for calculating the Off-the-job %

(Actual Off-the-job Hours รท Total Contracted Hours) x 100

The Actual OTJ % will show what percentage of the total contracted hours have been logged as off-the-job.

The OTJ % should reach 20% once they have completed all of the target OTJ hours.

If you would prefer that the OTJ% reaches 100% rather than 20%, you would need to enter the Target OTJ hours, into the Total Contracted Hours field and then change the 'Target OTJ%' to 100%.

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