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On Thursday, we're updating OneFile Enrol to introduce a fix. 

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2024-02-27 - New Fields being added into multiple files

On the 27 February 2024, the following Data Export files will contain additional fields:

  • AllUsers
  • Users
  • Standard
  • Unit
  • ActiveLearning

To access the full change log for each of the files, please download the attachment on the following page:

OneFile : Data Export fields 

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  • Hello, We download the CSV files via FTP at around 6-6:30am each morning (as I believe they are refreshed around that time). Can I just double-check whether the new columns first appear at this 6am on 27th or 28th Feb? Many thanks,

  • Hi Martin,

    We will be applying the updates on the 26th, so the new fields will be visible in the data on the morning of the 27th.



  • That's great news!  Can I just check, in the Standards file, can I double check that the new field "Main Standard Title" is with spaces?  All the other fields are without spaces.

    Many thanks,


  • I assume the field name won't have spaces, but let me double check the exact name to avoid doubt. I'll let you know in here, and update the documentation when I know.

  • Hi Ed,

    The exact column names added to Standards.csv are below: 

    • Main StandardID
    • Main Standard Title
    • Weighting

    A new version of the spreadsheet will be updated shortly.

  • Thank you Adam - I am glad that it wasn't a silly question!

    I assume that all the other field names have been checked too, and if there are any discrepancies, that the spreadsheet will be updated to cover those too?



  • You are correct! The new version was uploaded yesterday, with all new field names confirmed.

  • As this post was a few weeks ago, please can you confirm that the changes will be in place for the files we get tomorrow (27th Feb) morning. Thanks

  • Hi All, I'm pleased to confirm the updates went live, so the new fields should be visible in the files from this morning.

  • Thanks for confirming Adam :)

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