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Additional Fields being added to the data exports

We are currently working on adding additional fields to the below exports: 


  • Default Assessor Email Address
  • Default Assessor_UserID
  • Default Employer_UserID


  • Email Address
  • Placement ID
  • Telephone
  • Address
  • Company
  • Work Address
  • DateArchived
  • ULN
  • Suspended


  • Assessor_UserID
  • Learner_UserID
  • ReviewID
  • PlanID


  • TimesheetID
  • Time Spend By User ID
  • Time Recorded By User ID
  • IsTrainingActivity

We'll let you know as soon as we have a release date!

Please drop any questions to [email protected]

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  • Thanks for letting us know!  If you're considering fields to include in User and AllUsers, please PLEASE can you include Username and primary email?

  • Thank you for your feedback, Alex. I've passed this onto the Product team!

  • Hi Alex,

    We've listed the initial set of fields we're planning to add to the different files above. Please can you help us understand the rationale behind having the username field in the AllUsers file?

    Thanks - Adam

  • Many times on our helpdesk our users provide their username, so it helps to run reports quickly if that is included in the dataset.  It means we first don't have to trawl through either the database, or search their account on OneFile to get their UserID when running bespoke reports.

  • The username field is available within the users.csv file, which is the dataset for learners... do you also require this in the AllUsers data set, for other user roles?  

  • Hi Adam, I would second the request from Alex (include username and primary email in AllUsers) as this would also benefit our staff leavers process. We have many systems at the college that a leaving staff member could have an account on, this information would allow OneFile to be included in the report that identifies these accounts (removing the need for a manual check).  

  • @Adam - ideally yes.  For our use, currently, it would help to quickly identify duplicate assessor accounts (particularly when surnames and emails have changed, emails especially as in the NHS trusts are constantly changing email domains, this leads to multiple account generation).

    I think it would also future-proof any issues we can't currently foresee.

  • I've passed your feedback and comments over - we'll update this tread with the complete list of fields being added once finalised.

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