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Implicit vs Explicit encryption

Our current FTP server is configured to use Implicit encryption over FTP. However, we are aware of a number of customers wanting to connect using Explicit encryption over FTP, so that they can take advantage of automatic data transfer with third party systems, for example Azure Data Factory/Data Lake.

We are currently investigating the feasibility of making this change and the impact this would have to the users already connecting to the FTP server. We'll post updates here as and when we have any further information.



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  • We have completed testing the change of encryption from Implicit to Explicit within the configuration of our FTP server.

    We are planning to make these changes live on 01 Sep 2022.

    As part of this change, all users currently connecting to the FTP will need to change the configuration to the following:

    • Encryption: Require Explicit FTP over TLS
    • Port: 990


    If you are using an automated system to connect to the current FTP server, please make sure you prepare changes to the encryption and port number in advance of 1 Sep 2022, to prevent loss of automated processing.

    Please reply to this thread or submit a ticket if you have any questions.

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