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How to share your learner’s portfolio showcase with the EPAO

  1. When your learner is ready for EPA and has generated their portfolio showcase on OneFile, you can upload the portfolio showcase zip file to the EPAO site ready for their assessment date.
  2. When you know which end-point assessor has been allocated to your learner, you’ll need to contact OneFile so they can link the assessor to your centre.
    • Due to GDPR data regulations, OneFile will need to contact the assessor to get permission to process their data, so make sure they’re aware of what’s happening and are ready to give written permission. 
  3. When the assessor has been set up on OneFile, you’ll also need to allocate the learner to the assessor. To do this, go to the users page, then click the allocations tab to allocate the learner to the right assessor.

It’s a good idea to keep good communication with all of your teams to make sure this process is completed as simply as possible. It can be tricky to make sure all the steps are completed – especially if staff are working from home or furloughed – so create a process and stick to it!

It’s really important to send the learner’s portfolio link as early as possible – either at gateway or as soon as the assessor has been allocated – so the assessor has plenty of time to spare before the assessment date.

This gives the assessor time to look at the learner’s portfolio showcase and assess it first, so they can select the most appropriate questions and give the learner the best opportunity to showcase themselves. In fact, random question selection may disadvantage the learner – so getting their portfolio in early will help improve their outcome and even increase their grade!

What user role should the end-point assessor have in OneFile?

As a provider, you need to make sure you have the right users set up on your OneFile centre – including user roles for end-point assessors. Instead of setting up your assessor with an observer account, get in touch with OneFile and we’ll create an EQA account for them. This means the assessor won’t have multiple OneFile accounts for all their learners – which helps with user management and means they can access the learner portfolios they need quickly. Don’t worry – even with an EQA account, the assessor will only be able to access portfolios they’re assigned to.

  • Hi

    Can I ask, why the EPA Assessor needs access to the students OneFile portfolio when the zip file contains the index to 'load the portfolio showcase in a browser window, which will allow you to navigate through the portfolio showcase like you would online'?

    Many thanks




  • Hey Wilma

    Thank you for your post.

    The Portfolio Showcase can be used when the EPAO requires an evidence upload to their portal. If the EPA Assessor has the ability to access the learner's portfolio in OneFile, then generating the portfolio showcase shouldn't be required.

    Drop us a message into [email protected] if you have you questions!

    Take care


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