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Covered in this webinar:

  • Homepage and icons
  • Tutor dashboard
  • Setting up a sampling plan
  • Sampling assessments and units
  • IQA entended feedback & processes
  • Centre resources
  • Tutor observations and Learner interviews
  • Reports
Webinar Transcript

good morning ladies and gentlemen

welcome to another sets of onboarding

training webinars here from one file my

name is Jake I'll be your presenter for


I'm actually the onboarding project

specialist here at one file as I am with

the new onboarding team so for those who

have yet to be introduced to the new

Imboden theme the whole idea is

basically to better equip our users with

knowledge and resources that they need

to effectively use one file so we've

been visit creating lots of you new user

guides written and video we've been

running these wonderful webinars have

been caught up with lights of farm

libraries let's help you guys in terms

of the custom farms and other areas

across one file in fact to give you guys

a better idea of exactly what it is that

the onboarding theme i've been up to

let's go ahead and jump to this lovely

web page so again if you drop military

something you may not been introduced to

this page yet either and i will actually

drop the URL into the chat and just in

case he wants to visit this a little bit

later on look from here from this page

you'll find everything that the

onboarding team does and creates so from

those farm libraries where you guys can

download forms be added to your centers

and through right through to the user

specific training guides written and

video of course we have these webinars

for those who wasn't aware we also

record these sessions as well and so we

only record one version of a webinar so

to speak and but you will be able to

find those in the recorded at webinars

icon and please do just allow a few more

weeks before we got these new ones onto

that page

okay so yeah please think I'll have a

look at this page a lots of useful

resources in here but the reason I just

wanted to show you guys it's like oh

just highlight some of the new sessions

that we've got running between now and

Christmas okay so for those who have

been following we have started being

running these webinars since I've round

May of this year when the onboarding

team first started we've recently taken

bit of a break just a chance to gather

our thoughts gather the feedback that

you guys have been given and from that

with kroehner head we've created some

new sessions we've also removed some of

them as well and amended a few others so

in terms of sessions what we've got

variant seen now on Christmas

we've still got our sense manager of

specific sessions they're still splints

it's intermediate and advanced

difficulties we have a session for

reporting in one fall so we focus on the

report in suite and pick out a few

reports are based off success managers

recommendations we now have the full

range of tutor webinars right from

foundation intermediate through to

advanced in terms of features and

products new ones to highlight here it

would be the individual learning plans

progress reviews and a brand new more

updated creating a teach and learning

plan session but the users were still

focused on the lights for activate

learners employees and observers

observers rather not solvers and then

finally we've got a brand new type of

webinars and we'll see how these ones go

we've got ones for advice and guidance

so we've built up based off you know we

hear lots of them sort of methods and

stories of how our sensors have gone

about certain things inspections

planning for the new principle standards

and so we try to take a lot of this

information and we've put together

sessions such as planning York written

with intent and one file want to prepare

for audit and compliance and how to

prepare for Ofsted okay so please do

book onto as many of those as grab your

interest every would love to see as many

of you what some as possible of course

today have a look at the IQ a session

before we jump in though there's some

housekeeping to get out of the way first

so somewhere on your screen right now

usually anchored right there should be a

go to webinar panel a couple features on

this panel one that main trust you the

most however is questions so if at any

point throughout today's session you

have any questions comment or concerns

and please leave feel free to pop them

into the question box however it will be

the end of the session which we have a

look at these I started a sessional

program around 20 to 25 minutes and then

any time you have left at the end there

will be used to answer your questions

finally we have feedback surveys so at

the end of today's session whether you

guys leave or whether I end it from my

side you'll be presented with a feedback

survey in your usual internet browser

we'd greatly appreciate that it sounds

complete that survey you'd only on five

questions long so it shouldn't take you

more than 30 seconds ever like said we


informations a South gauge on how you

well you guys are finding these sessions

and if obviously we find what's a down

rose then of course we know we need to

change something okay

I think that's everything out of the way

apologize for the just a slight delay in

the start as well I saw that someone did

pop-up question asking how to join via

telephone and I hope those looking for

that have managed to do so I did leave

the how-to in the chat okay

nothing ladies is it so let's go ahead

and jump into today's session internal

quality assure what is it we'll be

covering today during the session we'll

look to cover at the usual tour sort of

likes on the homepage the icons and

whatever the mean so you guys know how

to navigate the system we'll have a look

at how to set up a standing plan and

probably the the main feature when it

comes to the iq8 user role account in

one file and of course like you're

carrying out a sampling IQ a extend

feedback and processes will touch up on

sense of resources I'll explain how you

guys go about your choice of

observations of learner interviews and

then depending on how much time we have

left the end I'll have a look at a few

reports okay so let's get rid of the

presentation let's go ahead and jump

into one file okay so of course will be

hosting today from and iqs perspective

let me go ahead and login to my thank

you very count okay so this is what you

guys will see when you first log in now

before we have to go ahead and jump into

any of the wonderful colors that we have

in front of us this is actually

somewhere else I'd like to bring your

attention to you first so in the top

right hand corner here and you'll find

your little account tab if you like now

you've also got mother at Cochise here

next to it such as the task list so you

can quickly jump to you task list and

messages as well you've got a simple

messaging system built into one file and

so you can access that through their own

that we have your account tab selecting

it will allow you to set your online

status or whether you're away from desk

on annual leave that kind of thing it

just as you can see all the users on

your Center when your online profile

where you can store your personal


none of it is necessary to have an

account in one file it may be more down

to your trained providers rather than

one file

and then appearance and this is actually

where I want to stand today so within

the appearance settings and we have some

accessibility options okay so if there's

an on with any visual impairments

dyslexia struggles to see text boxes

standout on a web page for example these

themes first of all can hopefully help

alleviate that stress these color sort

of schemes and themes have been taken

from the appropriate sort of dyslexia

associations color settings we also use

a rag system throughout the website so

your Reds Amber's greens and to help

signify progress or areas concern again

if there's any difficulties we do allow

you to change those colors and then

finally on the chance that perhaps

you're unable to change your browser

settings as we we know a lot of

organizations do disable that from an IT

level and you may find that some of the

fonts are too small or too large or not

quite as easy to understand so he liked

to change the font itself for your

account and also the font size there as

well okay so just so you guys are aware

that they are there they're O's useful

to know if not for yourself you might

find I'll come across another use for

user that would really benefit from

playing around with those settings but

okay let's jump back grasso jump back to

the home page here where we've greeted

by this coffee colorful dashboard so the

whole idea of the dashboard

each user does get presented with one

when they first log in it depends on

which user role you are depends on what

sort of information you get so in terms

of IPAs you can see we got the likes of

Tosh - so this will shows how many tasks

we have - and split over the coming

weeks we can see our future planned

visits so this width is against the

amount of learners that we have assigned

to us and so we can always see we've got

one learner that has some time that

tivities we've got six that don't have

anything planned well she was completing

next 90 days and this has been really

useful one for the IPAs it's really

handy so you can basically see what

you've got planned for those learners

and you know are you in within your own

sort of scheduling that you had climbed

as well and we'll learn as we actually

be able to finish within the 90 days now

I don't think anyone is due to complete

in this instance but what's good about

these dashboards is that you can

actually click instant to find the

information behind this let's have a

look at routes caseloads for example

here this is shown as the sort of ideal

capacity for each tutor something that

lesense managers can set and it's

letting us know if there's any juices

crawling out like capacitor or is anyone

below or above that case look now if we

select any section of this pie chart or

this chart in general it will then take

you through to the report where it's

actually pulling that information from

there's a quite useful fats that you can

click into those dashboards and you

don't just necessarily have to believe

the numbers that it's telling you you

can click into it and see what's going


thank you actions yeah another really

useful one because you can see how many

actions you've been self-assigned out

while sampling and when it comes to the

ankh reactions if you guys log in and

there's nothing in here then it might be

a good idea to speak with your sense of

managers the only reason is the blanks

are actually actions and processes which

of course we're going to interest a

moment as a default in one file

there is no actions or processes as a

feature to do so there's just no actual

actions itself so one considers an

example here we have the lights of poor

feedback good planning good judgment

okay so your sense manager has to create

all those so if you don't see anything

in this report here and then you have to

speak via sense managers it might be a

case that they just need to complete and

great and basically oh but you put

follow the completion gates again really

useful you can see exactly when learners

are going to finish a q8 resubmissions

you can stay on top of other

resubmissions that you've sent back all

the old unit summaries that you sent

back to tutors and then units to be

sampled is acts a bit like a calendar it

will show you exactly what you have

planned over the coming weeks okay

Speights out while so doing I guess it

saw the system on the left-hand side is

the main menu so to speak so you must

find all the main functionality at least

watch the IQs will need and through this

left-hand menu so lights of units anthem

which which have been tuned in just a

moment tasks and messages which were

actually seen highlighted reports which

hopefully will end with resources we'll

touch upon as well have also got a quick

but ensued these support pages okay so

before we scroll down these dashboards

can also be customized

not by yourselves though it is your

sense managers once again the center

managers acts as the main admin for your

Center as you'll find it so it's more

often not the sentiment that needs to

set something up in one file before you

can then go ahead and use it as yeah

they can customize your dashboards here

and so again if there's some that you

don't find particularly useful maybe

speed to those guys and ask them to

remove it scrolling down we can see the

tutor dashboard so these are the tutors

that you have visibility over now the

way this works is that any learners that

have been assigned to you

you will then get visibility over their

Assessor as well okay so this is

displaying all the tutors that are

relevant to my learners so we use all

information from this table though we

can see the data last logged in so you

know that would be inactive perhaps not

so the case in this instance we've got

some here that hasn't logged in in well

over seven months you see their caseload

so how many learners they currently have

tasks outstanding units resubmitted back

to them units signed off last 30 days

and if there's been any set of policies

and compliance to set up you can then

link them and label tutors and to saw

those policies that you may have within

your Center do you have some quick

action buttons on the right-hand side

such as we can quickly jump to this

tutors plans assessments we can complete

out to two observations have a look at

journal entries I have a look at the

cheaters calendar

the bottom page we have a search bar for

learners and some more IQ options here

as well we'll touch upon some of these

as weak self work our way through okay

so the main function within the the IQ a

user role is the unit-sample him okay

all that planning around the unit

sampling and carrying out the sampling

and everything in between

so what we have and this is available

two V's as well and if you know forever

isn't you do have an Eevee within your

sensor no it's more of a traditional

sort of user role within the process but

they do also have access to this

something table okay so if we head over

to the unit sample which can be found in

the left hand menu it will bring up yes

so the way the unit something works in

one file is that you plan by a learning

game I'm sure that's very similar to how

a lot you guys would plan anyway so what

we want to do is go ahead and select our

units in our learning in rather I think

I'm just wants to leave it as that now I

know that is a probably terrible example

to use so therefore endpoint assessment

but if you didn't know that we'll have a

look at that's it it's an operation

Department and soft standard here we can

also filter through any tutor so again

if you try to drill down by a class

tutors and archived learners really

important to remember as well you can

still report and plan and have a look at

what you had completed with lands that

may have been now signed off so to speak

no completes their program they have

been archived okay really useful to

remember you'll often find this with

reports as well that'll be an archived

include archived learners a little tick

box okay if you go ahead and submit that

though after we've chose our learning

game it then comes up with the unit

sampling table now it's a lot going on


so what is it they're actually looking

at so once you're selected and submitted

that learning game is then come back

with all the learners that we have got

access to but I'm working towards that

learning game presented with their name

along that one Jen working towards this

at the moment you then have their start

date and then we have an each unit

that's in that learning game okay and

these days is currently showing the

anticipated anticipated

please and eights if you don't see any

days in these boxes it may mean that

that unit has not been assigned to the

learner okay so if they're working

towards a more traditional framework

these Armstrong units for example and

that'll be why they'll be gaps in these

days here I can we got some keys at the

bottom as well but well I'll touch upon

these in just a moment now there's a

couple ways of looking at the sampling

table itself okay wait it's these tick

boxes here at the top is very much down

to personal preference and how you guys

filter through some of this may be in

line with how you guys currently plan in

an existing system or an Excel

spreadsheet however maybe just wherever

you guys prefer really so we're

currently looking at these simple view

okay which go ahead and select advanced

it gives us some extra data and this

extra date is displayed on the

right-hand side here so we can now have

a look at specific planned activity such

as the planned completion dates if we

select that you can see there's plenty

completion dates all pop up in each unit

we control the plan formative sample

days okay selects either one but we've

not planned anything yet so that's why

nothing to show you and semi processes

as well so you can sort of filter

through those activities if you wish

their actual activity I'm sure of course

as we kind of click through these little

show and the actual sampling that we've

done in relation to each these points

okay but we don't really put any plans

in place for this one and so we'll come

back to that and Vance view in just a

few minutes we'll have a look at a more

a more complete learning game I try to

choose this one to begin with so I can

show you guys some planning before then

we look at I've looked at a learning

game there were a lot of the samplings

already been completed okay so we do

have some more filter options even if

we're looking at the simple view so

we're currently looking at the plan that

sample with anticipate completion dates

so it's good completion dates there's no

plan as far as you can tell okay so

that's what we can be doing in just a

moment and we have a look at an actual

sample dates as well and which again

should with nothing it can also show

like secession processes and unit

rejections but again I'll probably

highlight those in just a moment and

when we've got a more complete plan so

when it comes to actually planning

underneath we have all the assessment


Center again it's something that your

sense of manageable control and

customize and they'll be able to create

all the assessment methods for your

sensor and give each a color underneath

we have the planning and sampling so

lesson know where there were currently

pending any objections if it's done as a

formative planning formative sampling or

summative sampling and then underneath

it's the I trade processes okay so those

are other things that you'd be looking

for aside from having a look at the

likes of okay so I'm gonna look at

project I want to have a look at some

independent learning and have a look at

some work products maybe some case


there's also can be other things that

are unique to your Center maybe your

delivery that you'll also be looking for

ok so again as I mentioned earlier any

actions or processes must be created by

the center manager first we already have

some built in here as examples such as

learner interviews progress of off the

job and monitoring a froth job planning

for off the job I'm sure that's what a

lot of you guys will be looking for if

you work into our standards quality

observations reviews of progress at

Target settings milestones things like

that ok so I said I've created all these

on my Center and shall sense managers

that have to as well okay so these are

all the sort of things that we can apply

now within our plan so how do actually

go about planning ok so if we're looking

at individual units listen we can have a

look at unit one for example select unit

one itself and it takes us routes the

planning page here we can now select

these assessment of methods that we'll

be looking out for okay so maybe we'll

have like workbooks where products

definitely reflects of accountants in

case that is it was those planned

processes I'm gonna be looking at the

planning far off the job and I want to

focus on those milestones as well and

what's great about the plans to fill

your own calendars in within one file

itself is that you can set yourself

reminders case of no man this jump was


yeah at the day a moment ago was it like

the seventh of the third we can then go

ahead and say okay well I'm gonna plant

a sample this a bit more closer to that

end date so I'm sure they'll be a bit

more work there so if we have a look at

seven to the third so I'll have a look

say mid-february okay you don't have to


tasks but doing so it means only 12th of

February next year I'll receive a task

reminding myself that I was planning to

sample this particular unit quite handy

Rayland okay in any additional comments

as well there may be additional things

pointers that you might want to leave

for yourself if when you do come home to

do the actual sample so this box there

and this will carry through when you

come through to ducts to do the sampling

so again any additional information that

you may need there for your plants go

ahead and save that and we can see

something's changed within this table

then you have little clumps of colors

and we also have some got some

abbreviations really okay so you may put

tunity together but these blocks of

colors signify an assessment plan and

the assessment method apologies

implanting far too often here so yeah

each color will represent a an

assessment method you can see underneath

and then those planned abbreviations it

would seem like it and those processes

okay so poj is planning for off the job

you can see there at the bottom and TRS

is the target set see again at the

bottom okay so this is how the planning

goes ahead with your IQ AIDS now you may

not and I'm sure the chances will be you

thought we're going into each and every

unit and say okay this one I'm planning

for this unit this is one plan for this

unit and this is one planning for this

unit and this learner it just doesn't

happen that way does it it'll be some

that you will focus on and there'll be

others that you'll probably plan quite

sporadically you know in quite a random

fashion so you can do a plan across

multiple units at once we're currently

in single mode and for anyone who's new

to this software and then this IQ a

tables pose would always recommend start

with single mode and then once you kind

of get the gist of it we can then jump

into multi mode okay

so to turn multi mode on if you like if

we have a look up here we got this

little blue button that's a single mode

selecting this you'll find it's exactly

the same page that we were just on


it's now shared on the same page okay so

the only thing you say try using the

single mode to begin with it's just so

then you used to how the system is

actually you know planning this things

planning these other pages with you and

but once you're familiar with that you

can use multi mode and you've got it all

on the left-hand side

okay so now we can actually go okay

we're looking at CPD tasks professional

discussions milestone settings again and

playing for off the job I want to have a

look at this on this date okay any

additional comments and you can apply

these individually if you wish there but

what you can do is go ahead and select

random units now as well you can select

multiple units and have put this plan to

multiple units all at once so flirt and

play on and close multimode you can see

now that we have multiple plans across

multiple units and we only have to do

the ones okay to show you guys a bit of

a better example I'm gonna jump into a

different learning cane here that means

go and submit this okay so just jump

into another learning game one that's

right I know a bit more something has

been completed and got a few more

learners on and plans here as well

okay so we're currently looking still at

the simple view having a look at the

planned sampled plant samples with

anticipate completion dates now if I go

ahead and choose actual sample because

like I said a lot of something's already

been done with these learners as regards

these actual sample with unit dates

sign-off okay we've got some different

information so first off if there's any

dates in here it means those units have

been signed off if there's anything


which means that they haven't been

signed off yup in terms of our planning

though in the plans remained those

colors and little abbreviated air have

sort of remained but we now have I guess

another key to follow here now we do

have this out loud we do have it on the

page rather underneath so axis means it

was plan three sampled but it wasn't

actually sampled P implant assembled and

it was well pleased good as planned and

then n means it was sampled it wasn't

necessary planting this you can see the

peas here we've got X's we've got ends

as well

now the other abbreviations underneath

okay he's lesson though basically was a

formative or summative and sample was it

done before or after the sign up so to


okay click an insert unit once written

actual mode proposed to the planned mode

it then takes us to the units around

okay so the tents that you'll be sent

and a lot of unit summaries you don't

necessarily have to do too much with

them so you've signed a few minutes

before anyway so you don't necessarily

need and every one off but the maybe

ones that you want to come in and and

have a look at and sample further and

feedback to our tutors here so what the

unit summary page actually shows us a

little bit learn information and learn

again information at the top we then

have outcomes so all the outcomes in

progress towards those for each learner

we then have the related assessments or

all the activities that we completed by

this learner and then you know signed

off buying be a cheater in the brackets

here it's important to use of highlight

the whole plan that we set up this

implanted or summative and the plan

gross over looking for is the off the

jobs are planning for off the job

because of course we can now jump into

any one of these assessments to carry

out some sampling any attachments so if

the tutor I learned how to attach

anything to the unit Sumner it might be

the collection of work itself it may be

links to the wider portfolio okay and as

you scroll down we can see the full

feedback from the sort of tutors and

learners and in this case the anchors

already came along is actually this has

been a unit that's been resubmitted okay

so you only see our comments to the

cheater there okay we could leave more

comments you can also leave comments for

the employers the observers and the

learners to from the units on your page

okay once we're happy or this in this

instance like so this has been a

resubmitted unit but we're willing to

have an action and that action would be

to either resubmit our so enough or sign

off without sampling so now it comes to

something like I said we've jumped in to

a particular unit somewhere here so

we're looking for planning off the job

here's all right activities we can now

stand for so we can click into any one

of these it takes us through to the

activity itself okay so this is the

instructions to learn or to receive

resources here's a criteria that got

signed off and here's the evidence that

they provided followed by the feedback

and comments

from the cheetah okay now we can review

all of this we can review the criteria

that I've selected have a look at the

evidence supplied these highlighted

areas means it's been annotations left

ok annotations left by the tutor and

often to give quality and pinpoint

feedback so you guys can hover and

select over them to see what's been said

okay so again we can leave any feedback

to any of those start users important to

the learner and then it comes the actual

sample itself no yeah and this one's

already been completed by the iq8 but

basically you'll choose whether you

accept so you reject you then say

whether the assessment judgments were

fair safe valid or reliable you then

they come across your anchorite actions

i guess the ones that i've mentioned

only one that you sent some rangers has

to set up and so in this case they left

them said it was good planning but it

was poor feedback these little numbers

in the brackets by the way is keeping

tally of how many of these actions

you've I've selected in the past against

this tutor okay so this will be a good

area say okay so this is the second time

that know that we've witnessed good

planning for this tutor maybe I want to

include that in my feedback to the tutor

themselves and let know but perhaps this

poor feedback which data to build up and

you say okay this is no the fifth

occasion where we've noticed the

feedback wasn't constructive enough okay

so really helps you guys

and so I've give your feedback so that

learners tutors and everyone in between

you then also have an option to leave

feedback on the choose planning

judgments feedback and actions before

you then actually sign it off okay like

so this one Xavi Epstein sampled and by

the iqa jump back to all units for this


go back through the unit sampling table

rather be a little bit quicker this us

getting this

back up there okay so that's how we use

the the sampling table that's how we

plan that salvia and how we then sort of

carry out sampling but it isn't the only

way to the home screen okay of course we

could do any sort of random out of seven

by jumping into the assessments and

teaching learning plans that we can jump

to in here as well but there's some

really useful reports in the system

which is quite quite effective really

your day-to-day runnings of things so

just turn to the report of sweets on the

left-hand menu here it's just one report

I want to highlight to you guys before I

sort of quickly closed off I mention a

few other things and that is IQ a ready

assessment case you come down to the

iq reports they were split into sections

as fines a little bit easier there's one

here called IQ ready assessments also

one for unit sometimes well if you

wanted to have a look in there and more

report view okay that's why didn't these

day parameters you can choose different

report groups and have looking different

tutors and statuses as well so we just

look at things that have been accepted

things that are pendant rejected we got

lots and lots of ideas that use this

report in this system as it really just

helped some state itself on top of

things and there's so with IQ reading

assessment okay if you see the links are

pending that doesn't mean it's pending

waiting for something from you guys okay

that means at least something pending at

the moment between the learners and the

tutors for this particular assessment

and if you want to know any of these

things were we shall follow the

reference on the left hand side he'll

tell you through so that activity itself

okay where if we wanted to we could

complete some new sampling this really

looks like by the way the IQ eight

hasn't finished there something we've

got a button for except to resubmit and

you see those text boxes now for

comments on the planning judgment

feedback and actions itself okay guys I

notice we've hit that fair two minute

mark so the last thing I'd like to

mention and I guess would be the

interviews and observations okay so we

can access this through the very bottom

of the page your home page like Chiefs

observations on left and right down the

way these actually work within the one

file is once again there's no default

version of this your sensor managers

have to create an interview form and an

observation form before you can then go

ahead and then complete any observations

or interviews okay by selecting into the

observations are interviews it'll say

it's in this page where you can actually

have a look at all the completed ones

you can export its information out which

can be quite useful actually it's create

a new one would use that button at the

top there okay so this is an example and

that I've built on my sensor and like I

said your sense measures will have to

create one of these okay so basically if

you come from a paper process or an

existing system if you already have a

method which you follow to complete

interviews or observations give that to

your sensor managers and allow them to

recreate it in our

okay guys thanks very much everything we

want to touch upon today's moreover I

very much at any introduction ciq as we

wanted to focus on that sampling table

and there is very much a lot to sort of

get your head around when it comes to

areas but once you've done one table and

done one plan it kinda also begins to

fall in place from there um so hopefully

that has been you told some you guys

either as an introduction if you've

never seen the the system before as an

anyway yeah perhaps we'll just drones in

each sensor that uses one file and

you're just trying to get to grips with

it hopefully that has been a good


okay so we'll have a look at some

questions in just a moment but for

everyone else Amy isn't sticking around

thank you very much for attending today

I do hope you enjoyed the rescue week

and I'll see you on the webinar in the

future everyone else I'll be back in

just two ticks answer your questions

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