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Covered in this webinar:

  • Logging in and changing the appearance
  • Navigating around your account
  • Viewing plans and tasks
  • Accessing resources
  • Messages
  • Uploading Evidence
Webinar Transcript

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen

welcome to another sets of onboarding

training webinars here from one file my

name is Jake I'll be your presenter for

today I'm actually the onboarding

project specialist here at one file part

of the new onboarding team I guess the

other thing that you guys may need to

know about that is the new embody things

been put together to better equip our

users with resources and knowledge that

they need so effectively use one file so

before we actually stand today I do

would like to show you guys the

onboarding page that we currently

maintain where we keep all of our renew

resources because there are still in

resources in here both videos and

written user guides for learners ok so

you may not have access to this page

automatically I want know not sure if

you're sensible to pass it down to you

guys so we'll drop it down into the URL

today and you could also ask your tutors

or your sense managers to give you

access to this link to this page and so

you can access resources a later time

just give you guys as learners a quick

idea of the sort of resources we've got

on here if we head down to user guides

ok the options for different user roles

here you can see that we've got one for

learners ok so there's all sort of

initial set of going to learn as well so

he'll be much more planned and there's

still much more available in the actual

stuff where itself we're just currently

going through that and updating it as we

go along ok so please do come to this

page there's some useful things here for

learners as well as your tutors and

everyone else okay so for today we're

having a look at the foundation webinar

for the learner user role within our

system so that's an introduction really

to this user all the main features and

functions that you guys will be using

how to respond to your tutors when they

send you messages and so on

listen housekeeping to get all the way

first before we jump in though so

somewhere on your screen right now

usually anchored right there should be a

GoToWebinar panel a couple features on

this panel but one that may interest you

the most is questions so if at any point

throughout today's session you do have

any questions comments or concerns and

please do feel free to drop them into

the questions box however it will be the

end of the sessions which we have a look

at these

as for today's session I'll be around

for around 20 to 25 minutes and then any

time we do have left over at the end

there will be used to answer your

questions and finally we have a feedback

survey so at the end of today's session

whether you guys leave or whether I end

it from my side you should be presented

with a feedback survey in your usual

internet browser we'd greatly appreciate

if you could take the time to complete

that survey turns out you're more than

30 seconds so it's only around five

multiple choice questions and but that

would really help us as I find out how

you guys find this particular session

okay let me just double check make sure

everything's working okay on this side

before we jump in okay I think

everything is good so learn a foundation

webinar why is it that will be going

through today so during the session we

will cover logging in and your

appearance settings will never get

around the systems of course you guys

got bit more familiar familiarity with

them everything sits within the website

we'll have a look at viewing plans and

tasks and how you can actually go about

completing those accessing your sensor

resources which is the most likely area

where your sensors will store a lot of

their resources for you to use well look

at the messaging system because we've

got quite a simple messaging system in

and one file as well and then finally

we'll talk about uploading evidence that

will kind of part in part when we

complete activities an assessment

okay so let's get rid of the

presentation let's jump into one file

itself of course will be hosting today

from a learner's point of view so it

looks very similar when you guys log in

as well okay so this is should be

similar to something that you guys see

when you first log in okay so there's a

few things that you point out here but

before we actually jump into the

dashboard there's a few areas and I want

you guys to self pay attention to as

well such as the left-hand menu okay so

we'll get all our main functions for you

guys on the left-hand side down here we

can expand this menu using the little

burger I cannot that's up if you select

that it will expand that left-hand menu

so you can see exactly what each one is

okay and then the opposite side of the

screen on your top right hand corner

here we have your little tool box as a

few things in your toolbox first of all

you've got a quick option to open your

messages opens up on the right-hand side

like so you can view all using the


some very similar thing for tasks as

well so if you ever get sent a new task

or message you'll be able to see that at

the very top in the tool box you had a

little bubble next it's let you know how

many you new tasks you have okay and

then finally on the right hand side we

have your account tab okay so it should

have your name in there your user role

which will be learner in most cases I'm

sure and then if you've uploaded your

profile picture that'll also be sort of

a displayed within that little bubble if

a select internet tab for a moment here

we can set things like your online

status so if you want to let people know

that you're away from desk going through

your offline at that time you've got

your personal profile we can store your

personal information it isn't necessary

to have an account on one file but may

also be preemptively filled in by your

account if they have a likes of mis

systems of automatically pulling in

information into one file and then

appearance settings is actually where we

want to start today okay so within your

appearance settings we do give you the

ability to change the theme this is more

in line with accessibility needs perhaps

you know other learners who suffer from

dyslexia and care of rather Shores as

Heath Xboxes standout on a webpage and

hopefully a few of these themes to help

alleviate that stress we also use a reg

system throughout the website your Reds

Amber's greens or traffic light system

as some people like to call it okay so

if there's any ever you difficulties or

objections against that color scheme

again when you do lines change that as

well and then finally at the bottom of

this page we allow you to change the

font and font size this is in case your

sensor has locked you out from changing

your internet browser settings but you

know a lot of organizations do so if you

find that a text is too small and wear a

mission you're working on and you unable

to change your settings via your browser

we do allow you to change it through

your own actual account settings as well

okay even if not for yourself you may

know another learner or even another

user and that may benefit from playing

around with some of those appearance

settings to make the whole website a

little bit easy to read but okay let's

jump back to the home page here where we

were greeted by your portfolio dashboard

okay nice so giving us a couple bits of

information here so at the very top we

can see each learning game that you're

working towards okay so these are the

games that of your census of assigned to

you and that's what you'll be working

through during your program underneath

for thank got some visual reports if you

like to have kind of give you guys

little snippets information you can stay

on top of your workload by glancing at

some of these reports so just overall

target progress okay so this little

speedometer lets them know where we're

up to the needle itself is letting us

know where we are up to it currently is

64 percent whereas the gauge the the

numbers if you like and letting us know

that currently we're in amber which

means that we're probably on target if

we're in green then we probably had a

target and of course red falling behind

a little bit so again just little tips

and tools that allow you guys to stay on

top of your own workload next we've got

a calendar this are any appointments any

progress review meetings that you don't

have with your employers and your tutors

and whilst you're tutoring your sensor

arranges those that will pre-populate

your calendar and then finally we have

tasks Jim again this splits the tasks up

into what you have to over the coming

weeks you can see that it splits up and

go see what's available immediately

what's due within a week and then I've

got a sum during a couple of weeks time

as well underneath there we have some of

the main functions our system such as my

portfolio and of courses tasks messages

and resources if the likes of these

three courses tasks and messages this is

probably the main three functions that

you guys would probably use so each time

you do get sent a new course task or

message we also highlight this area in

yellow so even if you first log on

you'll be able to see oh I have a new

task or I have a new message easily be

able to follow those through and have

looked at what they are and then finally

from the home page just underneath your

dashboard if you like we have your

assessment team okay so these are all

the other users on one file in your

sense at the moment that has access or

some sort of involvement with your

program and your delivery okay so you'll

be able to see which tutor has been

assigned see which ank you a if your

employer it has a involvement within

your one file system as well they'll

have an account and be able to see those

and again if it's of observers and other

sort of roles that may be involved and

using these times we can go ahead and

message any one of these P

all that's involved in our assessment

team okay so actually gonna have a look

at completing some work really that's

the most likely thing that you guys will

be doing on the system is of course your

choosers have sit down with you you'll

plan a scheme work for the next few

weeks they'll probably pop in a plan and

then send it over to you so you first

log on to the system you choose to send

that they've sent you a plan where do we

go what do we do well from your home

page as you may imagine by now it will

be saved within your tasks any new tasks

any new activity you get sent will

always be sitting within your tasks so

let's go ahead and have a look at these

14 new tasks that we have okay so first

of all it takes you to your task list

now in this case this learners got quite

a few tasks built up here and you may

notice that some of these have been

highlighted in red that's to let they

learn a note that these tasks and now

overdue okay that is something tutors

and your sentient managers will also be

able to see they'll be I'll see that

you've got tasks overdue and they can

pull out many reports that sort of focus

on that and so if this is of course a

reason that you don't get some going to

get something done in town perhaps it'll

be a good idea to message your tutors

message to employees and let them know

that you may be a particular task that I

can't finish for any X reason okay we're

actually gonna jump into one of these

tasks today we've got at the very bottom

here a new teaching and learning plan

that's been sent over by our tutor okay

so let's open this up so any plan that

you get sent and I guess the difference

between a plan and other activities that

we've have in this system is that time

is just like a collection of tasks okay

but we'll see that as we scroll down the

page ok got instruction that a task as

well as letting you know to read the C

channel learning plan carefully before

choosing accept or reject if you accept

it you must also sign the box and a

highlighted band below just letting us

know that if we accept this Bank if we

say yes to these tasks we have to sign

it off to say that we're happy with it

so as you scroll down you'll see the

title that Jesus gave to this plan the

day it was being delivered whether

they'd live it as those of a face to

face a remote session your tutors also

have an opportunity to plan your next

visit date as well okay so if your

tutors come to your actual premises and

put these plans together with you and

they can also arrange the next day the

come and visit and underneath there we

have sections for tasks okay so any fast

thing glued in this plan will be within

this section okay we can kind of see

what all these tasks are just by

glancing at this table so let's look at

this first one for example and we can

see that this is going to be an

observation just a the method there okay

it's gonna be started by the tutor you

could jump into this and see what

criteria what knowledge skills and

behaviors are you being asked to cover

and buying something it completes in

this particular task and then you'll

have your learner instructions as well

so all the details that your cheaters

have gave you underneath we can say that

this task is a case study so it's got to

be started by the learners we can see

they're so close again we've got the

instructions on the left hand side we

can also see we've got some documents in

here as well so our tutors shared

resources and attach them to that task

that's gonna be really helpful for you

guys when you go to complete that task

because those resources will all be on

the same page that you completes in the

task you don't have to click anywhere

else to find the information you need as

we scroll down the list let's hatch

fronts area and just for the plan itself

so again if there's any additional

resources your tutors may attach this

here you'll all feel always have a

feedback and comments thread on your

plans so you can see the tutors left a

message here blasting us to please

accept this plan and begin working

through the tasks and therefore also a

box for any issues arising so if there's

any concerns that you choose may have

they may outline them there but if we're

happy with this plan okay we can go

ahead and accept now we do that by

signing it off so as the instruction

said at the very top we'll look for the

yellow banner okay so it's gonna let you

know which row you need to tick so to

speak and then we can go ahead and

accept before I do though you may notice

these two other options here cancel

which of course will just cancel it'll

close this particular page down and then

reject okay so the reasons that you

might guys might need to reject a plan

is if your tutor sent this plan before

perhaps it could be the easiest reason

if you know if they've sent a dreamscape

plan by accident and then you may want

to reject and say I think we've covered

this already just bear in mind if you do

reject any sort of plan or task it will

ask you to leave feedback to the tutor

you have to give a reason to why you're

rejecting it

okay but in this case we're going to

accept we're happy with that work that's

been set for us now what happens when we

accept that plan all the tasks within

that plant will then find their way into

the task list not all of them it depends

on what kind of task it was so we did

notice that there are observation tasks

that we had within that plan was to be

started by the tutor so that's actually

going to be sent to the cheater and gone

into their task list instead whereas the

case that it was you started by us so we

should be able to find that now task

list here imagine this at the very

bottom they please complete your new

assessment and they've got some of the

brief of the instructions that lead to

to left there now whilst we're still in

our task list is a few more things I'd

like to point out okay so we're

currently looking at pending tasks which

basically means any tests that are

currently overdue or Jui within the next

few weeks you can filter through that

though so if you look in the top

right-hand corner here we've got a

couple of dropdowns and this is the one

on the right it's set to pending tasks

if you slants that we have options have

a look at completed tasks so if you ever

need to go back and have a look at piece

of evidence that you've completed prior

then you can have a look through this

list and then there's one called future

planned tasks it's the whole idea behind

future plans are so you don't actually

have anything here for this particular

learner but if your tutors are set a

task to be completed say three months

down the line then the system won't

necessarily constant let you know you've

got a new task you've got a new task

when it's not due until a couple of

months it'll actually pop that into the

future planned tasks and only when that

task is nearing the due date will it

move it from this list

it's your pending tasks okay so the

whole idea with that is that the system

will drip feed you your work depending

on how it's been set up your programs

and set up in the system and the system

should sort of drip feeding you will

work depending on when things are June

okay let's actually open up that case

that we're going to submit some evidence

against this now so when we open up a

task it does look slightly different

from the plans or you can see the task

it's bit more clear in there we can see

those resources clearly and see the

instructions much more clearer as well

okay so in instructions at the top as I

mentioned those resources that we can

open any of these up and have to click

anywhere asks will also be uploading our

evidence from this page

as we scroll down because the details of

the assessment itself if the chooser

sort of set any criteria again depends

on how your sense will do this sometimes

it will let you know what criteria or

knowledge skills and behaviors you'll be

covering and sometimes they might pop it

on afterwards once you've sent the

evidence back and then we have the

evidence box itself they don't forget

your instructions at the top the page so

the free three-inch ropes and see what

it is that your qu is asking view in my

case I'm being asked to complete a case

study on a particular area of my

workplace okay so I'm going to start

typing up my evidence into the textbox

itself you may notice across the top of

this text box we've tried to keep a lot

of these of word functionality so far

math and tools and things like that so

we do have the likes of different fonts

different sub headings pixel sizes

colorings shadings right through to your

sort of bullet points bold italics even

tables you can sort of pop into this box

now because this is a case that it's

coming word heavy really and so far it's

imagined that this box is stacked so you

really fill up with text we're gonna run

out of space eventually now please be

very mind you can expand these boxes

using the little arrow on the right hand

corner okay so if you want to see all

the evidence of these kind of fell off

the evidence box itself you can always

expand it to see your full fact box well

it isn't just so I've typed up in

text-based evidence that you can upload

into our system you could actually

import a Word document in case if the

works already been done and saved on a

Word document somewhere and you could

import that using this button here

that's it just copies and pastes it into

this box itself it's quite useful it'll

also keep any images then as well which

is really handy to know if you did want

to include images in your actual

text-based evidence but also you may not

beat expert evidence at all it may be a

case of you've a spoken word case today

and you actually have a recording of

that maybe it's a video or audio

recording then you can add any amount

attachments using the add attachment

button underneath as well again I'm sure

your senses or sort of outline what kind

of evidence they will accept what

formats and I'm sure it'll say within

the instructions

what it is that they're actually asking

for but you do have the option to type

import Word documents and upload any

kind of soft multimedia attachment as

well once you're happy in this case

we're happy with this own case study

here we're happy we've kind of covered

all the points that our treated

mentioned we can then send it back to

the tutor basically to be marked okay

but we just want to let them know that

of completes if it can leave some

feedback just let them know I have now

completed this task because you don't

have to complete this task in one go

okay you may not buttons at the very

bottom of page though that seems you

following us as we scroll up and down

and you have an option to save and

refresh and save and quit in case if he

wasn't quite finished you could all

leave whatever you've got in the textbox

as long as you've hit save at the bottom

of page you can come back to this and

work at this later date but in our case

we've completed our case today okay so

I'm gonna let the tutor know and only

when you've completed do you want to

sign that piece of work off okay if

you're going back to it just save if

you're ready to send it back to your

tutor sign and save okay and the last

thing to point out before we actually

sign this off or probably the timesheets

area so we'll see in a few moments when

we explore some other areas of the

system now pretty much any activity that

you do on one file you can record time

against this now this again depends on

your program it depends on how your

Center set it up it may be a case that

your tutors recording time but the main

said that your responsibility to record

your own time and it comes to your

activities and your off-the-job

activities as well okay so if it is the

case then we can pop the time in here in

minutes so say we spent ninety minutes

on this particular task and was it

completed off the job well this one

wasn't but if it was them and of course

we could tick that box there we're gonna

leave this unchecked

something really handy that this system

actually does it'll calculate your

off-the-job percentage for you okay so

it doesn't mean that your tutors or your

sensor will soft keep your spreadsheets

of tallying this score as you go along

anymore if they've set the system up and

with the off-the-job function and it'll

constantly just tell you that you're

currently at 10% you're 11 percent and

12 percent which is quite useful as long

as you're recording this time and

recording off-the-job activities but

again your sensors will make it clear as

crystal when this is an

the job activity' okay we're happy with

this task we're going to sign and then

save and it then gets sent back to our

tutor okay so we won't really receive

aid tasks now in regards to that plant

when the tutors sign off and they add

her side of your nose skills and

behaviors - that's that magnet to the

task we should then see as you actually

complete more and more tasks and your

tutors sign them off back in your

homepage that our little gage ometer

should move a little bit our speedometer

rather should serve this needle should

start flickering and a little bit higher

each time we complete something okay so

there may also be times where you are

expected to sort of proactively create

your own staffs you might need quite

aware and quite clued up of what your

standard or your programs asking of you

and you may actually create your own

assessments or you might have had some

evidence that you want to prepare and

send over to the tutor and despite not

being sent a task so you'll be glad to

know that you guys can also create your

own assessments as well you don't have

to wait for your tutors we can't see

their do this through the left-hand menu

if we go into assessment okay let's all

these set ones that you've been sent

here whether it's through a plan or just

an ad hoc task but you could have a look

go through all of these if you wish to

again you might need to come back

there's some evidence that you've used

previously but we can go ahead and use

the blue button to create assessment

okay what kind of tasks will this be is

that a case study is it some independent

learning is there projects that you've

been working at oh you just record in a

reflective account whatever it may be

select that and again if you can't find

your task in here then maybe let your

tutors know because again your centers

will have full control over the methods

that's in this list you can give that

task a title you'll then be asked if you

want some map against multiple criteria

or separately okay

good advice holistic way and but

basically what that separately means is

that any noise goes and behavior you

then map this task to is then you'll

have to provide evidence for each and

every one whereas holistic look just

basic means that you can send the piece

of evidence to your tutors and then they

can wrap it later on I if you are aware

then you can map it all at once okay if

we start

ask you'll have this screen which looks

very similar to the one that we saw a

moment ago when we looked at it through

a plan except no instructions that suck

this time because of course we've

created this ourself okay so if you down

so you guys so upload your evidence with

its text-based an attachment or whether

your import a Word document whether you

want to set your criteria it isn't the

final say your choosers will get the

final say on that anyway and so perhaps

you know you might want to give it a go

said okay I think I've demonstrated

these secular behaviors from my learning

game you'll find that within that blue

button okay same again with feedback and

comments like YouTube to know when

you've completed this task sign and save

and now get sent to the choosers as well

okay so if we head over to my mum to my

portfolio now this isn't the actual page

that I suppose all the other user roles

will see when visiting your portfolio

okay you might actually want to prefer

working from the screen and more so then

the other one again it's splitting up

all the components that make up your

program you can see exactly where you're

up to with each of those you can see

that which placement you're at which I'm

sure you guys will probably only be

aware of but you'll come with us other

providers can also record it on one file

as well then we can see our job off the

job information okay and then we come

across the three main functions really

of our system I'd say we've got your

plans but your assessments and your

progress reviews of course your your

cheese's employees will be completing

with you as well now it's still some

really important functionality

underneath I would encourage all of you

guys to have a look at these tabs and to

see what each thing is of course if

you've got access to it down here then

it means that you should have access to

it kind of thing you know the system is

quite transparent so it never really

locks anything behind the door you can

always see your progress you can always

see every bit of work that you've

uploaded and any sort of message or

comments that your tutors have had you

any bit of feedback you'll always be

able to find again with our system

there's a few more things to point out

today one of those is going to me off

the job activities

okay so we've had a look at what we

refer to as assessment okay so they're

their tasks that then get mapped to your

knowledge skills and behaviors or you've

corrected them but the other kind of

activities that you might be doing is

reflective account or off the job

it says your sensor would probably refer

to the mass so we do actually have a

more dedicated area for you to record

your off-the-job activities rather than

your assessments and that is your

learning journal okay so you can see

that underneath your activity tab right

underneath assessments you can see the

learning journal okay so it's clicking

through this page this page it looks

quite different from the other tasks

pages this is much more like your social

media timeline and each tasks that

you've recorded in here is saved in that

timeline so you can always scroll

through is much easier to then reflect

on the work that you've already

completed ok so again this is it really

depends on how your programs been set up

you may be set a task within a plan ok

to come to this area and complete a

particular task like this Jenna's here

this last post that he did this was

included in a teacher learning plan it

was some work shadowing it's like yeah

to shadow his supervisor for half a

shift yes you can have a look a good

working practices and then the company's

values then there's his actual details

so today I shadowed Mountain twit

supervisor at during the 912 shift

during this time I observed I'm sure

going to detail there all you guys are

going so much more detail about what it

is that you've learned during that sort

of work shadowing session so again it

depends on how your company sets it open

you may yes to come here and just record

each sign you've learned something new

okay which we can do at the top here it

may be set through an assessment plan if

you've been asked to head over to your

journal to record what you've learned

today or particularly you know tasks

like this shadowing of the supervisor

here that mr. piece lose them then using

this bar at the top very similar to

again social medias if we select that it

then opens up and we can start

documenting further aspects of our

activity okay so first we've got a text

box and so you a little prompt edge what

have you learned today but of course it

you become know where to record whatever

activity you've been asked to from your


okay in this case we might be a meeting

that we had it was in the workplace and

you actually learned something new about

your customers but you have to be

relevant and really relevant if you're

working towards their customer service

practitioners standard but anyway you

can document your activity they're your

reflection of learning there you can add

any amount of attachments as well you

can add files images videos to these

posts it will actually display them in

the post itself as we can see below is

uploaded a graph here okay you can then

record the learning activity itself now

this is how we actually record the often

job okay so if you've been asked to

record job over here and it's good to

remember this one so once you listen

your reflection if you head over to

learning activity add a new one give

that activity a title so let's say we

did some work shredder win again

actually it's a semi contently for our

example so as a team needs him we can

select the category okay so is reading

so to speak we was a teaming to Mary had

to read about new kinds of customers

that were coming in the time the task

had started the day that the task was

completed how long you were doing that


something you may noticed next that

Kathy we have they're off the job tip

box once again but this time has already

been kicked that's because when my

sensor created this reading activity

they said any time recorded against this

must automatically feed into a learner's

off the job basically there's one less

thing for you to guys to do those two

don't have to take that box if it's been

set up like this you can create that

activity link it's this post you can

also record criteria as well and that

criteria see these off-the-job

activities now this doesn't add progress

like it would with an assessment this

will actually help you guys reflect when

it comes to your progress reviews and

your scorecard okay so if you think

you've demonstrated a certain behavior

in this particular activity then go

ahead and find it within your standards

day I think I've actually Const

consistently and frequently communicated

with work with the interest of helping

customers okay once you're happy

go ahead and create so that time we've

just recorded now within that learning

activity actually helps Ward's up

percentage that we saw when our profile

earlier on that off the job percentage

okay guys I think the last thing to

touch upon really there before we have a

look at some of your questions is sense

of resources so you can access resources

through the left-hand menu if you to

navigate there yourself it's at the very

bottom you can see you may also has been

given links within that activities or

plans by your tutors that might just

take these trades as page as well now

your senses are free to use this area

however they like they might restore and

like your workbooks and things like that

in this area I also can do is create

folders to organize them but set

permissions as well okay so you're only

really given permission to what you're

allowed to see what's relevant to your

program okay there might be some admin

documents there fill your tutors and the

bits and bobs and other admins but they

can set permission so you guys can't

access those so it'll just be a case of

whatever it is that you need from this

resource area it should already be

accessible when you access this page

okay just really useful and so I've pays

to know because the most sensors that

use our system often store lots and lots

of really productive resources for the

learners in this area rather than email

an amount for example okay guys that is

pretty much its last thing that I would

mention before we have a look at your

questions is the other support avenues

if you guys ever struggle with a system

and you know you're always free to

concerts the sports teams here at one

file you can always drop us an email and

someone we're going to get with get back

to you within sort of four hours if your

sensor can't help as well or perhaps you

can't get in touch your tutor that day

for whatever reason then we do have some

help sections within the software as

well take note of the blue Help button

the right-hand corner just underneath

your name okay should find lots of sort

of a guides in here there's also an

option to have a look at all user guides

okay and the exact same can be accessed

through the left-hand menu you can see

at the very bottom there's a support

option there as well okay then don't

forget about the onboarding page that

page that we shown earlier we're gonna

be updating this page regularly pretty

much to keep having a consistent and


in here okay so I have a look at the

questions in just a few moments if

you're not sticking around for questions

thank you very much for attending this

afternoon I do hope it's been useful I

hope that - there's a good introduction

really - of your one failed journey in

the start of your apprenticeship I'll

let your senses take it from here

I'm sure those guys have got much more

information for you guys to touch upon

and pick up and learn in everything else

well thank you very much for attending I

hope it's been useful and I don't see on

more sessions in the future Trevor

Nelson I'll be back in few just a few

ticks answer your questions

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