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We can’t wait to hear Your ideas!

The brand-new place to share your feedback and suggestions on all things OneFile is here!

The old ideas portal will be switched off on the 13th July 2021. After then, you won’t be able to use it. So, it’s a good idea to start getting yourself familiar with Your ideas!

You might have a few questions, so, we’ve put together all the key details you need to know below...

What is Your ideas?

We love hearing from users and really value their feedback. That's why we introduced our ideas portal (sometimes called Shaping OneFile); to encourage conversation and give people like you the chance to make a difference to the products that you use.

We’ve made some exciting changes and we can’t wait for you to start using Your ideas. There’s more on why we’ve moved below, but the principle of sharing your suggestions and ideas is going to stay the same.

As a registered user, you’ll be able to share your thoughts for potential future developments and vote on what other people are suggesting in Your ideas. It’s a great way to have your say and influence what we’re doing here at OneFile.

Why are you moving?

Your ideas lives on the same system as our Help centre. We moved it there as it’ll make it much quicker and easier for our team to review and respond to your suggestions.

It also means that when we get new ideas from you, they’ll all be collected in one place. So, we’ll be able to spot if there are any trends of similar ideas from lots of different users and prioritise what the people want!

When will this be happening?

Your ideas is ready for you to use as of today!

The current ideas portal will be de-activated on 13th July 2021. From that day, you won’t be able to access it or post any more ideas.

There’s a bit of an overlap with the dates, so, during that period, we’ll be monitoring the current portal and collecting all the ideas posted there until it closes. However, we encourage you to start using Your ideas as soon as possible so you can get familiar with it and any ideas you post are there for others to vote and comment on.

What difference will this make to me?

We’re working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible. You’ll still be able to post your ideas, feedback on other people's, and receive direct updates from the product team.

The main difference is that the websitelink is different. It’s a good idea to bookmark the new site so you’ll never need to look far. We’ve updated any relevant shortcuts across the OneFile website and products. There’s more details below on how to find Your ideas.

You’ll also need a login to post on Your ideas. You can use your existing Support site log in or Keychain if you have one.

Your ideas has had a lick of paint here and there, but you’ll still be able to do all the things you’re used to, for example:

Post ideas and tag them to the OneFile area they relate to

View, vote and comment on other people's ideas

Receive updates from the product team

What do I need to do?

Now that you have the link to Your ideas, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Update any saved links you have in your bookmarks or favourites.
  2. Log in. You’ll either need to create a Keychain log in or add and verify an email address in Eportfolio. There’ll be step-by-step instructions when you first access Your ideas.
  3. Get posting! Your feedback so far has been very helpful, and we really appreciate your input so far. The team investigate and use your ideas to inform what we can improve and what we should be doing next. We can’t use every idea, but we do save all your submissions and review them regularly.

What’s going to happen to the ideas I've already posted?

There are over 600 ideas on the current portal, so we’re not able to move them all over to Your ideas. However, we have been through them all, made a record and included the number of votes and any comments. None of your feedback will go to waste.

If there’s progress on an idea that hasn’t been moved to Your ideas, we’ll make sure we post it and tag the person who created it to make sure everyone is updated.

Where will I be able to find Your ideas?

You can go directly to Your ideas with this link: https://support.onefile.co.uk/support/discussions/76000000553

Your ideas is also available from our Help centre, which you can access from our products or our company website.

Get in touch

We hope you’ve got all the information you need on Your ideas, but if there are any issues or you have any questions please send an email to [email protected] and the product team will be happy to help.

One more thing…

Thank you! We really appreciate all your ideas and feedback so far. It’s a huge help to what we do.

The OneFile Product Team

OneFile – a world where everyone is learning for their future

e. [email protected]

w. www.onefile.co.uk

  • A lot of development coaches have been using Smart assessor and have transfered to OneFile, they would like a certian feature to be added to OneFile.

    The feature is on the evidence page if a developemnt coach could see folders and the critreria together rather than going to seperate pages. Attached is a screenshot of what would be good for users.

  • On the tasks list that a learner sees, it would be really useful if learners could sort it by the due date.

    This has been a feature that a lot of learners would find useful

  • Hi Dan, 

    Thank you for your suggestion which is very valid, please can you make a new ticket with your suggestions & will review it at suitable time. 

    Eportfolio Product Manager

  • II like the look of the journal it would be really good if a journal entry was then able to be being linked to/ transferred to assessment evidence. 

  • It would be useful for our demands to have an ability to archive a full cohort of learners on mass due to extremely high numbers. Can we request an ability to on mass archive learners ? Thanks
  • Hi Lynne 

    Thanks for your feedback.

    It would be great if you could post your suggestion about the Learning Journal in the specific forum for Learning Journal, then other users can vote for this idea and comment.

    Kind regards

    Mark - The Product Team

  • IQA Sampling:  As part of the IQA process the IQA would obviously have worked out risk and % of sampling to be done.  Additionally, EQA's will want to know the rationale behind the amount of sampling the IQA has chosen to do.  The sampling plan on OneFile does not give you anywhere to record this information.  Would it be possible to add a box above the sampling plan to record this information? 

  • When logging attendance at a week long CPD event, our apprentices have to do a separate learning journal entry for each day as it only allows you to select one date at a time. It would be useful if you could select a number of days at one time, for example Monday-Friday at a training event and then reflect on that week. 

  • Thanks for your idea Claire. If you can add it to the Learning Journal forum we'll then be able to see if other customers like the idea and if so it is more likely to be developed as a feature.

    Kind regards

    Mark - The Product Team