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How do I resubmit an assessment as an IQA?

IQAs have the ability to resubmit assessments back to the Assessor with their feedback. 

To resubmit an assessment, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Assessment
  2. Tick the sampled criteria
  3. Enter Feedback and Comments to Assessor
  4. Scroll to Assessment Decision Section
  5. Select Resubmit
  6. Tick the checkboxes of the units you'd like to resubmit the assessment against
  7. If any of the units you want to resumit against have been signed-off, you will need to decide whether the unlock or resubmit the unit summary, explained below
  8. Sign the assessment
  9. Click Save & Quit

Resubmission options explained

If the criteria in the assessment is from a unit that has been signed off, you'll be presented with the option to unlock or resubmit the Unit Summary

  • Unlock Unit - Unlocks the unit summary first so the assessment can be amended
  • Resubmit Unit - Resubmits the Units and applies [RJ] reference to the unit within the unit sampling table, to show that the unit has also been Rejected.

Assessors will receive tasks that relate to the resubmitted Assessments or unlocked Unit Summaries.

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