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How do I change Group Permissions?

Permissions allow Centre Managers to customise how much access each user on the system has. Permissions can be set for an individual user and at a user-group level. 

Group Permissions can be used to define the default permissions for all users in each type of user group.  

To set the default permissions for a group of users, follow the steps below: 

  1. Click Centre in the navigation menu
  2. Click Group Permissions
  3. Select the user group from the drop-down list
  4. Choose to Inherit, Grant or Deny any of the available permissions
  5. Click Save

Avaiable Options:

  • Inherit: Always use the Effective System Setting specified by OneFile
  • Grant: Always grant the permission for the selected user group
  • Deny: Always deny the permission for the select user group

Please note - The selected permissions will apply to all users of the selected user group, unless it is overridden at the user level.

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