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How do I assign custom forms to Learners?

 As a Centre Manager:  

  1. Click Centre in the navigation bar 

  2. Click the Forms icon 
  3. Click on the Learners button next to the form in question 
  4. There are two ways to assign the forms to the learner(s): Automatic or Manually.

For more information about these two functions, please click here.


As a User Manager or Assessor:  

  1. Access the Learner’s portfolio 

  2. Click the Episode tab at the top of the portfolio 
  3. Scroll down to the Assign forms to this learner heading 
  4. Click the Select an action box next to the form in question 
  5. Change to Assign 
  6. Scroll down and Save the page 


Please note that the form will only be available in Plans and Reviews generated after the form has been assigned. Any previous Plans and Reviews will not contain this form.


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