Knowledgebase: KEYCHAIN FAQs
Can I still log into my account the old way?
Posted by Adam Fogo on 08 March 2015 10:40 PM

You have the option to control this. The recommended setting is Keychain protected which means that you cannot log into your account from the main login screen — only from your Keychain. This offers the best level of security.

When adding a new account, leave the tick inside the Keychain protected option to only allow login access from your Keychain, or remove the tick to retain the ability to log in from the older login screen.

To change the option for your existing accounts:

    1. Click the Edit account (pencil) icon to the right of your account name

    2. For a Keychain protected account, leave the Keychain protected option ticked, or remove the tick for an Unprotected account

    3. Click the Save button to confirm any changes.

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